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Duchamp’s Inframince

Author: WangHaiYan
Tutor: OuYangYing
School: China Academy of Art
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: Virtual thin transition The thickness of the boundary between Third party Clothes Pornography ' Mold Transparent glass Mold with the folds of cloth Artisan Cobweb
CLC: J205
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Basing on Duchamp’s notes about inframince,this text analyses Duchamp’s the Large Glass,ready-mades,works about sex,duplicates and his personality,in the end we will find out why Duchamp is undefinissable.Inframince is a kind of thickness,which is indefinitely thin,it’s invisible and intouchable but it does exist.Duchamp proves with his works that the border between self and the other is inframince,that it exists also a inframince difference between the sames.The border between self and the other is inframince.With it’s thickness,the border becomes a passage zone where the identity is ambiguous,it is the third which unites one and the other.In Duchamp’s works,the inframince border is "the Bride’s clothes" and external traits such as beard,the Large Glass,ready-mades and Rrose Sélavy present the passage from one to the other on the inframince border:the Large Glass,a passage from painting to non-painting; ready-mades,a passage from non-art object to art object;Rrose Sélavy,a passage between sexes.It exists a inframince difference between the sames:the forms and sizes from the same mould are different,the same thing changes every second.With his duplicates,Duchamp tries to show us the difference between the duplicate and the original,between one duplicate and the other,even if the duplicates from the same mould have a inframince difference in appearance. Eache duplicate has it’s own original quality which will guarantee it’s right to be an authentic work.When the duplicates become authentic,the original work will cease to be an unique original,it will go into the series or serve as a model.The inframince border negates the difference between one and the other while the inframince difference refuses the sameness between the sames.With inframince,all are ambiguous,instable like the transparent glass or the mould in cloth with draps.Such is the image of Duchamp as "a inframince habitant".The possibility given by inframince changes the situation in which lookers and artists were two poles of creation,All interpretations are nothing but the completion of a possibility,they fall into the trap laid by Duchamp.This explains why Duchamp is indefinissable.This text unites Duchamp phenomenon on using "inframince" as a internal tie,in doing so, it explains why Duchamp is indefinissable,besides,this text also discusses the disputing questions aroused by Duchamp:the Large Glass is a painting or not,ready-mades are paintings or statues,ready-mades are art objects or not,the Mona Lisa with beard is man or woman,why Duchamp duplicated his own works,Duchamp is a Dadaist or not,why Duchamp gave up art and spent more than ten years in playing chess,what is the relation between contemporary art and Duchamp.So we can say that this research has its own original value,it will surely inspire readers.

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