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Study on Manufacturing Grid Resource Service Optimal-Allocation Theory and Application

Author: TaoFei
Tutor: HuYeFa;Zhao Dongming
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: Manufacturing grid (MGrid) Resource service Optimal-allocation Resource service description Match and search Quality of Service (QoS) evaluation Composition Failure-tolerance
CLC: TH166
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Existing works on manufacturing grid (MGrid) primarily concentrate on its concept, architecture, application prototype platform, application foreground, etc. But MGrid resource service digital description method----the foundation for MGrid resource sharing, and MGrid resource service optimal allocation----the basic theories and key technologies to realize MGrid resource sharing, are not effectively addressed till now. In order to realize MGrid resource service sharing and optimal allocation, the following problems must be addressed: (1) How to publish resource service into MGrid system and realize its digital description? (2) How to find out the qualified candidate resource service according to user’s requirements? (3) What is the quality of service (QoS) of the resource service and how to evaluate it? (4)How to realize resource service optimal-selection and composition according to different tasks’requirements? (5)How to provide failure-tolerance (including both failure detection and recovery) service during the process of MGrid resource service sharing and optimal allocation? The above problems are concluded as the problem of MGrid resource service optimal allocation. This paper emphasizes on above problems and aims to provide the basic theories and key technologies for MGrid resource service optimal-allocation (MGRSOA).In order to realize MGRSOA, after investigated the connotation of MGrid, a five-layered service-oriented MGrid architecture is put forwarded. Depended on the proposed MGrid architecture, an MGrid collaborative executing platform is proposed. Combined the requirements of resource service optimal allocation in MGrid collaborative executing platform, a synthetical MGrid resource service optimal allocation system (MGRSOAS) is proposed. The basic theories and key technologies to realize the MGRSOAS are studied in this paper, including MGrid resource service digital description, match and search, QoS modeling and evaluation, optimal-selection and composition, failure-tolerance (i.e., failure detection and recovery). The main contributions and works of this dissertation are as follows:(1) The definition of MGrid resource service is given out, associated with the corresponding resource service classes and their implementing API. A three-steps establishing method of MGrid ontology is proposed and the MGrid ontology is established. A new MGrid resource service digital description method based on MGrid ontology and OWL-S is put forward. A resource service digital describing document is given out which verifies the validity and utility of the proposed method.(2) MGrid resource service search and match mechanisms and its implementing algorithms are proposed. The describing information of resource service is classified into four categories: (a) word conception information, (b) sentence information, (c) number information (including number interval and fuzzy number), and (d) entity class (or data structure) information. The matching functions and algorithms of each kind of describing information are designed and proposed respectively. Based on the proposed describing information matching algorithms, the matching the basic information, including service name and service description, namely basic-matching; second, matching the inputs and outputs information of resource services, namely I/O-matching; third, matching the QoS information, namely QoS-matching; last, combining the above three matching results, and generating the general matching result, namely integrated-matching. The matching functions and algorithms of each phase are described in detail. The case study demonstrates the proposed methods and algorithms are valid and effective.(3) MGrid resource service QoS evaluation models and algorithms are proposed. In order to enhance the validity and success rate of resource service optimal-allocation in MGrid, provide high credible resource service abilities and results to user, the concept of resource service trust-QoS is presented, associated with the important roles it plays in MGRSOAS. A trust-QoS relationship model which is capable of capturing a comprehensive range of trust relationships exist in MGrid system is put forward. A two-layered resource service trust-QoS evaluation models are put forward, including intra-domain trust-QoS evaluation model and inter-domain trust-QoS evaluation model. The quantitative evaluation algorithms of trust-QoS degree value are proposed and detailedly described, as well as the real-time and dynamic updating algorithms of trust-QoS degree value.(4) In order to realize the optimal-selection of single resource service request task (SRSRTask), and composition and optimal-selection of multi-resource service request task (MRSRTask), the QoS information extracting methods are given out. QoS based MGrid resource service optimal-selection and composition methods and corresponding implementing algorithms are proposed, including four basis models for composite resource service and their QoS computing methods, generating methods of composite resource service executing path (CRSEP), MADM(Multiple Attribute Decision Making) and PSO (particle swarm optimization) based optimal-selection methods. The case study and simulation results indicate the proposed methods are valid and effective.(5) The potential failures that would generate during the process of MGRSOA are investigated. Thirteen failures are defined in detail, which are classified into four categories: (a) virtual link related failures, (b) resource service related failures, (c) task related failures, and (d) application related failures. The corresponding failure detection methods to each failure and ECA (Event-Condition-Action) based failure recovery mechanisms and methods are presented in detail. The implementation and simulation results indicate that the proposed approaches are sound on promoting the success rate and QoS of MGRSOAS(6) The MGrid resource service optimal allocation system is developed and implemented. Its feasibility and rationality is validated.

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