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Assets Building: Valuable Approach of Solving Housing Problems for Low-income Groups

Author: LiuJiaHui
Tutor: SongBaoAn
School: Jilin University
Course: Sociology
Keywords: housing problems for low-income groups the inequality of assets assets- building
CLC: F293.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Along with continual in-depth reform for the economic system ,in modern China, market mechanism let-in social structure deeply . Every kind of social system has to be marked with the marketization inevitably. Housing system has finished up severe transition from benefit distribution to money distribution already, changed inbeing and structure for supply system of urban housing by the root in our country , for it’s great effect and far-reaching significance, be rated as one of the most major changes from reform and opening in our country indeed. But marketization is a“sword with both edge”,which reforges some new problems in the procedure of solving problems .Before housing reform, public-owned housing is the only kind of expression mode for housing ownership,significance of housing for social members only limited to the stratal surface of daily necessities , it doesn’t take on any relativity with Individual or family possessions. In dwelling house reform, the government makes market as instrument, displace responsibility of housing supply as target ,the consciousness of marketable product character for housing which has been obliterated painstakingly in a long time start-up and generalize from top to bottom in the scope of whole society by the government . Nation encourage housing consumer and to individual purchase or transfer help oneself to common housing afford positive system support . Real estate market grows to forming in reform ,and stands in the world as mainstay industry of the state economy development . Reform of marketization ameliorated hugely unbalanced case for supply and demand of housing, satisfied housing requirement for society members, show prosperous situation for both supply and demand in whole real estate market.But ,it’s hiding huge crises back prosperity. Whether it looks so flourishing for real estate market , there are two extreme appearances could not be looked down upon:one is that housing of large income groups upgrade renew continually ,housing even serve for investment article to pose income investment at the same time of existing as family possessions ;the other is that low-income groups be rejected by housing market ,the high room charge deprived their authority for free selection bring on housing commoditization, also deprived the probability of housing translate into family possessions . This not only reflect understand market economy qualification under - individual market competition force of difference , no more will housing inequality and housing consumer polarization of system character incompatible concentrate incarnate . Housing institutional reform of our country distributed housing benefit at different social stratum , and make society members located in position of inequality in the housing market . Low-income groups suffered twofold extrusion came from old housing distribution system of administration and housing marketization reform. Otherness of housing starting point effected their purchasing power in the housing market and accumulation of household wealth. And the most severeness is that this kind of inequality grows to be aggravated along with marketization reform. This article discovered under study , while housing existed as family possessions , the housing inequality in our country reflected actually inequality of assets accumulation for society members,they are two kinds of degree of inequality with inequality of income,it’s negative effect for low-income groups is much more than the Latter .Under examination ,we learn that from the 1980’s, for a long period family assets owned by inhabitant in our country always give priority to a little financial asset . But from the beginning of housing monetize reform , housing property right get clarity day by day ,consciousness of housing as family possessions enhanced universally , house property evolve as maximal property for magnitude of value in ordinarily resident family in our country .Housing privatization has changed mode of occurrence of family wealth and livelihood concept of society members, life style ,also changed their political status and economic status . While individual possess housing this realty , possess actually advantage to gain more livelihood opportunities, to some extent decided his livelihood state .Accordingly ,the research in this article cut into housing problems in modern China from the angle of inequality in housing assets accumulation, seems take on practical meaning especially . Housing not only take on attribute of benefit article,at the same time take on attribute of marketable product. And attribute of marketable product spreaded out particularity of assets character in further step,find expression mainly in both sides of attribute of property and attribute of investment article. Research visual angle of this article is just derived from cognition for the particularity of housing assets character , and adopted assets building theoretics as basic method for theoretical analysis in the specific analyse. In the visual field for assets building theoretics ,assets is limited within range of tangible assets ,It’s existence exceeded vital function of it’s own value of money . Existence of assets can enhance family stability for it’s holder ,create ability for resist emergency risk ;make holder create good expectation for future livelihood and development ,and urge holder translate opportunity of designability into action of construction ,for this point, assets is hope of specific shape ; individual reach the purpose of impulse other assets accumulation through change-over function of assets ,make holder can not only realize increment of assets ,but realize accumulation of human capital and efficiency among procedure to control and manage own assets;hold and exchange of assets can also increase social bond and effect ,enlarge society space of holder ,and increase it’s political participation ability and so on . In brief , individual can realize increase of tangible assets and intangible assets through possess assets as also change-over function indued with assets,individual also own more selected space and control ability to livelihood accordingly . This article take example for Longxiang community in Harbin city , carried out a thorough analyse to predicament of housing assets accumulation of inhabitant in the community ,took the reins existed actual difficulties because of lack of housing assets for inhabitant in the community through investigation ,learn that short of assets would make individual got into more stiff living environment from it .In our country ,along with revival of privatization consciousness ,individual reflect character of aggressiveness in aspect of assets accumulation ,the country also reflect encouragement for accumulation of individual wealth at system stratal surface ,to safeguard personal property rights with law of property , real laws etc. . Inside middle and large income groups ,cognition for relativity of housing and family assets accumulation , assets and sustainable development ability translate into logic starting point of it’s assets building activity already ,and posed good cycle for system and assets accumulation under support of designability strength ,assets become live assets with vitality which accumulate continually in the market . And low-income groups have not concatenate specifically with assets and the standard of living , subsistence chance , life style ,only expressed requirement of positive efficiency can be supplied by housing as assets existence in a sort of recessive mode . These requirements establish primarily on the foundation of simple cognition posed surround housing in everyday life ,but this do not retard members in the groups producing assets accumulation consciousness with definite directivity . Namely, the poor people take on consciousness and requirement of assets accumulation in the same way. And existed system do not create adapted circumstance for the poor people ,on the contrary aggravated assets inequality in the aspect of system supply inequality ,and make this kind of inequality fetch out solidified tide day by day .Assets is a kind of accumulation for family wealth ,because of it could translate into income through some kind of mode , pose ability to purchase afterwards ,from a long-term angle , assets can provide invested Resource and guarantee for improvement of family life ,it takes on strong relativity with long-term subsistence growth capability of the people, this kind of continuable sustenance ability has become the where the shoe pinches to realize social integration already . Accordingly , inequality in assets still farther trigger off inequality of action ability for individual . When we adopt income variable as starting point to seeing about poverty ,as variable with limitation , income can not reflect exactly actual state of produced living standard which take it as foundation , because of income have not obvious and straightforward response for factors such as health, disease, edification , political participation and so on ,insufficiency on Income is not the sole cause to lead to poverty. So social integration we went after should include equality on action ability of individual , go as equality of ability to realize durative development just like market share ability , market competition ability and so on. Obviously , equality for this kind of ability jump out of economic category already ,with even more comprehensive social effect . And Income is only a flow resource with short term character ,take on definite comparative advantage in respect maintain folk consumption level ,but consumption can’t realize enhancement for individual capability ,this is the primary cause of social policy based on income show declining tendency in the respect of increasing benefit level of society members. Accordingly , when we establish policy ,ought to consider about the important function of assets accumulation in the economic and society blessedness .At present ,logos of assets building is sweeping across whole world with force can not be held back . In China, assets building theory come upon the stage of policy research area just now,but cause high attention by scholars and experts immediately. Social policy of taking assets as foundation ,emphasize a basic precondition ,namely market and social security aren’t region of being partition natively,economic and society are not mutual repulsive certainly,intervened mode by society do not reject market certainly. Purpose of income policy is that to realize impartiality in result ,purpose of assets policy consist on impartiality at starting point and impartiality in procedure . Only obviate every kind of disturbing factors in the procedure can ensure that walk up to result impartiality from starting point impartiality ultimately ,thus assets policy emphasize main body character and share character , protest that share actively creation for related their own prospect when people have an opportunity, instead of acquiesce in planned result by some systems. Actually it’s emphasize that government should put center of gravity move to produce segment from redistribution region while carry out society intervention, emphasize individual poses society infantile autism caused by wither action ability in share economic life.We adopt assets policy as valuable approach for solve low-income groups ,gained twofold support from theory to practise :assets building theory knock out the thinking formulary of binary opposition for actor—structure actually,at the same time of sanction decisive strength of social structure ,emphasize that activity owned by actors bring into play forming and constraint function for the system , dynamic behavior of Individual take on significant existence significance for changing livelihood predicament ,this is also one of theory construction mechanism for assets building theory ;in practice ,positive assets building practice in every countries and areas proved availability and superiority of assets building theory. Accordingly , this article put forward ultimately two kinds of method to solve housing problems for low-income groups:one is that adjust and perfect existing housing guarantee policy,another is that change our social security system from root with mode of establishing assets a/c , solve housing problems for low-income groups with the mode of foundation conformity . In brief , housing is a very intricate social policy region,but it’s also a very forgetive region. When we solve housing problems for low-income groups,ultimate purpose is that to provide a kind of solution clue and mode for problems in other social security region . Assets policy do not supersede income policy by all means,if we can find a kind of mode to make these two syncretize effectively ,that will be another quantum jump in social policy region .

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