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Author: ZhangHao
Tutor: MaGuangHai
School: Shandong University
Course: Sociology
Keywords: Ant Social Capital Occupational status
CLC: C913.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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With college enrollment has expanded each year, college graduates facing government and society has become an important issue. \Occupation as a measure of a person's socioeconomic status composite indicator, which essentially reflects the core issues of sociology social stratification and mobility. Career change means change and flow of social class, in a deeper level reflects the degree of openness of the social structure and social equity. In China relationship-based social and cultural background, the social capital that is \construction is not yet complete, informal social relations also play an important role in recessive. Previous studies have repeatedly verified elements of human capital (education) and social capital factors on individual career change with a more significant impact. Object of this paper is a common ant populations in higher education, because human capital elements in this group is not much difference, so this article focuses on the perspective of social capital to examine the ant's occupational status attainment status and influencing factors . Framework of this study are: The first part questions, this section includes research background, the significance of the topic and research innovations. The second part is a literature review, focusing on the research on ant, occupational status attainment studies and employment of college graduates were reviewed. The third part describes the design of this study, first proposed the theory of social capital framework, and then a few important concepts in this article have defined. After that the research method: that is to take qualitative research strategy, through participant observation and case interview approach to an ant colony Jinan conduct field research, and describes the selection of this case study. Finally, the article highlights the object of study: ant. Ant is due to social transformation caused by a special kind of community college graduates, this article first analyzes the causes of ant colony. Author through field observations, focusing on description of the overall condition of ants, including the status of neighborhoods, housing status, employment status and family background. The fourth part is the study found mainly in three aspects. First, ant occupational status means status and occupational attainment, I found both the initial vocational ants or subsequent occupation, occupational status ants are generally low. Prominently: Occupation lower income, job security is not perfect, occupational prestige is not high, the power low status. Obtained from ant career pathways of view, in the early grades obtained, the ant tribe mainly depends on the individual's human capital, ie the individual level of education. Obtained in the subsequent occupation, the ants also depends on personal factors, primarily work experience and ability to work. Perception of the future career of their own ant reflects the confidence of social mobility, I found ants on future occupational attainment and did not show a positive attitude. At the same time, the objective of occupational status also reflects the ant's subjective class consciousness: that ants tend to position themselves for the community and even the lower ground floor. Second, social capital ant influence occupational status attainment. From the author focuses on three different types of social capital discussed their occupational status attainment ant impact. In the end of this article, the author of the above findings are summarized and noted that \role of ants in this situation on the labor market is also very identity. At the same time, because ants lack of social capital, especially disadvantaged family background resulted in their initial occupational status attainment process areas in the lower end of the labor market, which makes it difficult to effectively expand their social capital, resulting in the labor market little change in occupational status. From the point of view of intergenerational mobility, ants and their parents are in the lower middle class society, showing a trend of vulnerable segments of curing, which to some extent also reflects the upward mobility of higher education to promote the role of personal decline, especially for the more disadvantaged family background The ant colony college graduates. From the entire social structure, but also to some extent reflects the poor social mobility mechanisms, social class appear closed trends, the impact of social equity and justice, require government on this issue more seriously. This article concludes with references and acknowledgments.

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