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Estimation of Forest Carbon Storage and Value Evaluation Based on Forest Esources Inventory Data

Author: LiXia
Tutor: HuangQingFeng
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Forest Management
Keywords: Biomass Carbon Storage Variable biomass expansion factor function Thevalue of carbon sinks Xiuning County
CLC: S718.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Based on the data from2009forest resource inventory of Xiuning, the forest standbiomass of Xiuning was estimated with the variable biomass expansion factor functionmethod that is derived from the relationship between biomass and volume; the forest fornon-timber products biomass, the bamboo forest biomass and the shrub forest biomass ofXiuning was estimated with the average biomass method. And based on the estimatedresult of the forest biomass, recognized conversion factor of biomass-carbon storage hasbeen adopted to estimate the forest carbon storage of Xiuning County; and evaluated thevalue of carbon sinks of Xiuning by the prices of carbon sinks from The world’s carbonsinks trade price forecasts table”. In this paper, the Xiuning forest tree species, agecomposition, carbon stocks and carbon sink’s value of the spatial structure was analyzed byArcGIS10.0software, and the spatial distribution map has been drawn for reference.The results showed that:(1) The main species of Xiuning is Cunninghamia lanceolata, Pinus massoniana,Quercus spp, Castanopsis spp, Liquidambar formosana, Alnus trabeculosa, Celtis sinensisand Pinus taiwanensis, these8forest species (groups) accounted for99.7%of theproportion of the total forest stand area, and99.9%of the proportion of total forest standvolume. Cunninghamia lanceolata is the main of the forest stands, accounted for57.6%ofthe proportion of the total forest stand area, and73.1%of the proportion of total foreststand volume.(2)From the respect of age structure, middle age and young age forest was in thedominant position, accounted for72.0%of the proportion of the total forest stand area, and50.8%of the proportion of total stand volume, especially for the middle age forest,accounted for43.7%of the proportion of the total forest stand area, and46.4%of theproportion of total forest stand volume; mature forest and over-mature forest, accountedfor28%of the proportion of the total forest stand area, and49.2%of the proportion of totalforest stand volume of Xiuning County. These shows, middle age and young age forestwas in the dominant position.(3)The forest total biomass of Xiuning County is6064.39×10~3t, the forest standbiomass is4778.88×10~3t of the main of the forest biomass, accounted for78.80%of theproportion of the forest total biomass; forest for non-timber products biomass is34.85×10~3t, accounted for0.57%of the proportion of the forest total biomass; bamboo forest biomass is968.41×10~3t, accounted for15.97%of the proportion of the forest totalbiomass; shrub forest biomass is282.25×10~3t, accounted for4.65%of the proportion ofthe forest total biomass.(4)The average biomass of Xiuning is34.38t/hm~2, was lower than the nationalaverage level of84.08t/hm~2, only accounted for40.89%of the national average level. Thebiomass of Cunninghamia lanceolata is3583.72×10~3t,accounted for74.99%of the foreststand total biomass, was the main of the forest stand total biomass, other species standbiomass followed by Quercus spp (557.93×10~3t)> Pinus massoniana(410.87×10~3t)>Castanopsis spp(122.67×10~3t)> Liquidambar formosana(80.92×10~3t)> Celtis sinensis(11.11×10~3t)> Pinus taiwanensis(9.58×10~3t)> Alnus trabeculosa(2.38×10~3t).(5) The forest total carbon storage of Xiuning County is3032.36×10~3t, the foreststand carbon storage is2389.61×10~3, forest for non-timber products carbon storage is17.42×10~3t, bamboo forest carbon storage is484.20×10~3t, shrub forest carbon storage is141.13×10~3t. The average carbon density is17.19t/hm~2, was lower than the nationalaverage level of35-39t/hm~2, also far below the world average level86t/hm~2, carbonstorage space for development is huge. The stand species carbon storage followed byCunninghamia lanceolata(1791.86×10~3t)> Quercu sspp(278.97×10~3t)> Pinusmassoniana(205.44×10~3t)> Castanopsis spp(61.34×10~3t)> Liquidambarformosana(80.92×10~3t)> Celtis sinensis (5.56×10~3t)> Pinus taiwanensis(4.79×10~3t)>Alnus trabeculosa(1.19×10~3t).(6)The value of carbon sinks of Xiuning forest is19070.51×10~4yuan, the value ofcarbon sinks of forest stands is15028.23×10~4yuan, the value of carbon sinks of forest fornon-timber products is109.55×10~4yuan, the value of carbon sinks of bamboo forest is3045.13×10~4yuan, the value of carbon sinks of shrub forest is887.57×10~4yuan,carbonstorage space of this county for development is huge. The forest stand species carbon sinkvalue followed by Cunninghamia lanceolata(11269.01×10~4yuan)> Quercu sspp(1754.44×10~4yuan)> Pinus massoniana(1291.98×10~4yuan)> Castanopsis spp(385.77×10~4yuan)> Liquidambar formosana(254.45×10~4yuan)> Celtis sinensis (34.97×10~4yuan)>Pinus taiwanensis(30.12×10~4yuan)> Alnus trabeculosa(17.48×10~4yuan).(7) In this paper, result of biomass estimated with the variable biomass expansionfactor function method was analyed, the consequence shows that, the average forestbiomass of Xiuning and the average carbon density was lower than that of the nationallevel. This phenomenon may be due to middle age and young age forest accounted a highproportion, the average biomass of main forest stand species is lower than other’s and lack of forest management resulting in poor forest stand quality.(8)Finally, this paper also discussed the significance of the development of forestrycarbon sinks for the Xiuning economic advance, views on the Xiuning county improvetheir forest biomass and realize the value of carbon sinks. In the face of the trend offorestry carbon sinks yet to be developed, this paper also tentative of Chinese carbonsinks market model was discussed.

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