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The Research on New Techonology of High-Performance Fruit Cultivating Bag Paper

Author: LuoYing
Tutor: ZhangMeiYun
School: Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
Course: Pulp and Paper
Keywords: fruit cultivating bag paper water resistance permanency air permeability wax emulsion
CLC: TS761.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The project is a part of Shaanxi province major innovation projectsof science and technology“The research and demonstration on a settechnology of high value environment-friendly fruit cultivating bagpaper”. The fruit cultivating bag paper is a kind of special paper thatprovide protection for the fruit during the fruit development process,which is agricultural technical paper with high value.It must have aproperty of high and permanent water resistance meanwhile it musthave the performance of good air permeability.However, the orchardworker has a requiremet for the price of the fruit cultivating bag paper,which requires the fruit cultivating bag paper manufacturer reduce thecost of production as much as possible.First of all, the water resistance of fruit cultivating bag paper wasstudied. A wax emulsion with a property of high water resistance wasdeveloped, which was made from wax, stearic acid, borax and sodiumcarbonate. After experimental research, the results showed that: Thewax emulsion has the good performance prepared under the condition ofemulsification temperature80~90℃, emulsification time30~40min andthe stirring rate600~800r/min. And the best composition of the waxemulsion is the100of wax,31of stearic acid,9of borax and2ofNa2CO3. In this case, the water resistance of fruit cultivating bag papercan reach83s, which is far higher than A level60s of national standardrequirements.In the second place, the chemical additives adding technology ofthe fruit cultivating bag paper was researched and analyzed. The resultsshowed that: The fiber composition is80%old newspaper fiber(55~58°SR of the beating degree) and20%unbleached needlewood pulpfiber (55~58°SR of the beating degree). In the condition of10%filling amount (for oven dry stock) of filler clay, the additive amounts (foroven dry stock) of the chemical additives respectively were:1.25%cationic rosin size,7.5%wax emulsion,3%wet-strengthening agents’melamine formaldehyde resin and6%aluminum sulfate. In this processcondition, the water resistance of fruit cultivating bag paper reached to89s, and its porosity is7.9μm/(Pa·s). After the detection ofar-accelerated aging test for the fruit cultivating bag paper, the waterresistance reduced to82s and the rate of change was-7.87%. However,the properties of fruit cultivating bag paper still could meet theoperational requirements. Therefore, in the production processconditions, not noly the water resistance of fruit cultivating bag paperwas high and permanent but also its air permeability was great.Finally, in order to reduce the production cost of fruit cultivatingbag paper, unbleached needles stock pulp need adding old newspaperpulp to manufacture it. In this paper, the influences of the oldnewspaper pulp fiber dosage on the various performance indicators ofthe fruit cultivating bag paper were researched and analyzed. Andselecting fiber composition was provided reference for the manufacturerof fruit cultivating bag paper according to their own needs. Theexperimental results showed that: with the increase of the oldnewspapers fiber dosage, the water resistance rose at first and thendescended, but the minimum value was still better than the national Alevel standard. With the increase of the old newspapers fiber dosage,porosity showed increasing tendency and air permeability became betterand better. With the increase of the old newspapers fiber dosage, tensileindex, wet tensile index, tear index and burst index showed decliningtendency and the physical strength performance of the fruit cultivatingbag paper became worse and worse. With the increase of the oldnewspapers fiber dosage, softness value also showed declining tendencyand the fruit cultivating bag paper became softer and softer. Themaximum dosage of old newspapers fiber could reached to90%, thevarious performance indicators of handmade fruit cultivating bag paperin this condition was that: quantitative weight50.9g/m~2, water resistance87s, surface water imbibition9.7g/m~2, porosity9.5μm/(Pa·s),tensile index34.1N·m/g, wet tensile index11.2N·m/g, tear index6.4mN·m~2/g, burst index1.8KPa·m~2/g and softness value606mN. Andthe performances were better than the properties of HT fruit cultivatingbag paper.

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