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Kietics Study of Modified Carbon Fixed Carbon Dioxide Reaction

Author: ZhuMingMing
Tutor: YangASan
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: Modified carbon Kinetics Adsorption Ammonia water Fixed bed
CLC: X701
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the rapid development of economy, the consumption of fossilenergy has increased. The emission of carbon dioxide also been increasingyear by year; It is generally accepted that CO2is one of the most importanteffect of greenhouse effect. So emissions of carbon dioxide become moreand more important. So CO2emission reduction has been global focus.Charcoal has good adsorption, and it can improve soil properties. Thecharcoal modified by ammonia can effectively reduce carbon emissions,and it can be made into release fertilizer. Therefore, the study on modifiedcarbon is of great practical significance.In this paper, straw carbon (4060mesh) and bamboo charcoal(2040mesh) are modified by ammonia water, and the kinetics studies ofthe CO2adsorption are conducted in the self-built fixed bed (Ф35mm×500mm). The adsorption products are compared and analysed by BETspecific surface area analyzer, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electronmicroscopy. The main contributions of this thesis could be summarized asfollows:(1)Through ammonia water dipping and modifying, we can improve theadsorption properties of straw charcoal and bamboo charcoal. Theadsorption mainly include surface modification of group and the chemicalreaction of ammonia water adsorb CO2in particle inside. (2)Impregnated ammonia concentration on adsorption effect is obvious,the higher concentration of ammonia water, the better adsorption process;with the increase of immersion time, adsorption process first increase, thendecrease,2h is better dipping time; soaking temperature on adsorptionperformance was not obvious, with the increasing of dipping temperature,adsorption ability of modified bamboo charcoal continuously decreasedbut modified straw charcoal has good adsorption capacity at3540degrees.(3)Adsorption bed layer temperature has a marked effect to adsorb CO2,with the increasing of bed layer temperature, the performance of adsorptiondecreased.(4)The process of ammonia water adsorb and modify CO2, withmesoporous and macroporous adsorption, the mesoporous rate andmacroporous rate of straw carbon was significantly higher than that ofbamboo charcoal, so the capacity of modified straw charcoal adsorbCO2is better than that of modified bamboo charcoal.(5)After modified straw charcoal adsorb CO2, the nitrogen content washigher than that of bamboo charcoal, but because of dry treatment afterimmersing, so nitrogen content of adsorption products is not high.(6)Through breakthrough curve of modified carbon adsorb CO2in thefixed bed, we can used Rosen model to simulate:Models of theoretical breakthrough curves have good agreement withthe experimental data, can be accurately used to predict CO2in modifiedcarbon fixed bed adsorption process.

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