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The Research on Upgrading Technological Innovation Capability of China’s New Energy Storage

Author: ChenJie
Tutor: LiuDongRong
School: Central South University
Course: Business Administration
Keywords: New energy storage Technology innovation capabilities Upgrading capability Motivation and learning model
CLC: F424.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Integration of the globalization of the world economy today, the competition between the state, enterprises have been transformed into the scientific and technological strength of the competition, especially since the development of new energy industries in China, China’s new energy storage has become an important carrier of the new energy industry of the country,enterprises as well as the development of new energy industry has a very important strategic significance to improve an important source of new energy storage has become China’s core competencies, core competencies, and as China’s new energy storage an important part-technological innovation capability. Therefore, the strengthening of China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability is particularly urgent and important to improve the core competitiveness of China’s new energy storage has important theoretical and practical significance.Innovation capability of China’s new energy storage technology to enhance study, at the conclusion, refined on the basis of the results of previous studies to enhance the actual problem for China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability, integrated use of technology innovation ability theory, using document analysis, interviews with experts, a combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis methods, technological innovation capability of China’s new energy storage elements influencing factors of technological innovation capability, enhance how to evaluate the ability of technological innovation, technological innovation capability and the relationship between job performance, technological innovation capability strategy of intensive research.First, China’s new energy storage subject for examination, according to the results at home and abroad has, through the critical incident interview, content analysis and other methods, to take360-degree feedback technology to explore China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability constitutes elements. This paper argues that the technological innovation capability, six factors of the decision-making ability of technological innovation, technology sharing capabilities, technical innovation and transformation capacity, the use of technological innovation capability and technological innovation management ability to distinguish between general and outstanding managers and technical performance in technological innovation activities staff individuals, and they are related to technological innovation job performance of managers and technical staff, which is China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability dimension.Secondly, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability. Between variables multiple regression analysis showed that:the corporate culture to enhance the role of technological innovation capability biggest, human resource development, followed by, followed by information technology factors, which also reflects the core of technological innovation to manage a good man, at the same time to distinguish between the various kinds of technical innovation to enhance the decision factors for the development of China’s new energy storage strategy formulation has an important role in guiding China’s new energy storage is more straightforward to adopt strategies to gain a competitive advantage.Again, our new energy storage technology innovation performance level as the dependent variable, the capacity element level as explanatory variables, the results show that China’s new energy storage technology innovation capabilities closely related to their job performance, enhance the technological innovation capability job performance has a significant impact on the ability of technological innovation to enhance the different dimensions of the job performance of different dimensions affect the extent is there difference between the technological innovation ability to transform and innovative use of the ability of tasks to complete work performance and relationship management work performance of effects are great, the impact of technology innovation management ability of tasks to complete the job performance greater than the impact of relationship management job performance; Another example is in the task completed work performance, technological innovation, the use of the ability to influence the largest, followed by technical innovation management capabilities, then the technology sharing, re-acquisition of technology, these are basically consistent with the reality the situation.We build innovation capability of China’s new energy storage technology to enhance the evaluation model, evaluation of China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability, it can be seen from the analysis:the evaluation of managers and technical staff of China’s new energy storage level fuzzy evaluation value, fuzzy weighting value used to compare different levels of ability of the managers and technical personnel between all levels of ability are between the ordinary and better overall capacity should be better deviation, and its technology innovation capabilities of space.Finally, this paper investigates China’s new energy storage technology innovation capability strategy. Build a model and motivate students to enhance innovation capability of China’s new energy storage technology and learning model. Innovation capability of China’s new energy storage technology to enhance the difference between the profit motive in the new energy storage business and government, a new energy storage business to business and motivate learning behavior, the use of incentive theory to examine the necessity of government supervision and motivation perspective and learning from the market running mechanism and new energy storage business behavior, research new energy storage technology innovation ability of new energy storage enterprises is how to learn, and the learning mechanism built conditions. At the same time, proposed to "enhance the financial knowledge of the technological innovation capability-fermentation" method put forward some specific proposals, and to enhance the ability of China’s new energy storage technology innovation.

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