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Research on the Innovation of Pig Industrial Organization:Study Based on Qianjiang in Chongqing

Author: TianLi
Tutor: ZhangYingLiang
School: Southwestern University
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Industry Pig Industrial Organization Innovation of agricultural industry Cooperative System Qianjiang District
CLC: F326.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In this paper, we study the innovate of pig Industrial Organization in Qianjiang County of Chongqing. According to the analysis of evolution of Agricultural Organization in our country, and present situation of pig industry and the development of industrial organization in Qianjiang this paper study the causes of industrial organization innovation and it needs for cooperation system, and then it explores the goal, path choice and safeguard mechanism of the innovate of pig industrial organization. This paper offers academic and practical supports for the development of animal husbandry and industrial organization of related area that relying on resources advantages, and for the government formulate policies.一、Major research contentsBased on the theory that the evolution of agricultural industry organization, its institutional reason, and the development obstacle of industrial organization.the thesis studies the innovation of Qianjiang district industry organization from three aspects with methods of theoretical analysis and empirical research.1、Through the method of investigation interview, first this paper analysis the problems and opportunities of pig industry in Qianjiang. Then analysis the development situation of pig industrial organizations using the classic analysis tools-SCP of Industrial Organization, find its problem, and discuss the affection of the development of industrial organization to the industry itself.2、Based on the theory of the Organization of Industry, and Qianjiang diversified famers family as the background. The paper put forward the incentives of pig industry organization innovation and the demand for cooperation system.3、To the development situation of pig industry organization in Qianjiang district as a fundamental basis,the article explores the target and path selection of bring forth new ideas of the pig industry organization.二、Conclusion of the study1、The development of pig industry needs achievement by the channels of industry organization innovation in Qianjiang districtA series of questions appeared, that the development of pig industry, the fundamental reason is that there are abundant retail investor. When the private investor facing the market alone,, Whether buy the cubs early, breed the pig scientific in middle or promote the product into the market at later, they are in a bad negotiating position. This needs form organization by combining the retail investors, and overcome these problems through the development and innovation of the organization.2、The needs of innovation of pig industry organization for cooperation systemThe industrial organization under the Cooperation system is that adapted to the socialization and marketization, and is favorable that to promote cooperative of the pig farmers, change the traditional ideas, improve breeding technology by grafting cooperation system into industrial organization.; to optimize the behavior of farmers,improve the product quality of pigs; to enhance the further processing ability of the live pig product, Optimize the supply structure of pigs, meet the development of the market; and it is beneficial to the development the village of pig-producing,realize the reasonable configuration of industry elements of the live pig; also to get the distribution channels of pig product, reduce the transaction costs of product market, improve performance of the market, what is the target of innovation that pig industry organization.3、The industry organization of pigs needs to innovate from scale organization degree and the costThe industry organization of pigs needs to innovate from scale organization degree and the cost, and this is the ways and goals of Cooperation system participate in industrial organization innovation, that is to enlarge the scale of management, improve the structure of market、improve the degree of industrial organization, optimize the management behavior of farmers、reduce the costs of product transaction, improve the market performance, so that to realize the benign interaction cycle of the "market structure, market behavior-market performance"三、Policy Suggestions To realize the innovation of industrial organization, It is here that an extremely important role should be played by the y farmers, government, and cooperation organization.1、It is necessary to play effectively the role of farmersThe organization innovation of the pig industry is a system engineering in Qianjiang district, and farmers is the participants and beneficiaries of the project. In the face of economic and technology of the high development of the market economy, farmers must actively participate in related training when they facing the market economy of the high development of economic and technology, they should understand the market of the pig in the training, and they can participate in market competition equally through improving the quality of the breeding and management of themselves; Other it is important to pay attention to the cultural construction.To get top-effect of cooperation system that in innovation of industrial organization. The farmers must have the spirit and consciousness of cooperation, because the economic, political and cultural is a organic "package", Only this can produce unexpected utility. The famers should understand the industry market and liberate old ideas by looking book、watching TV、listening radio, so that to improve the degree of uncompromising integrity2、It is important to use the Macro-control function of the government.It is of significance to use the Macro-control function of the government, the local government should complete a series of policies, laws and regulations that is to Promote the development of pig industry and its organizational,clear the responsibilities of the related departments, according to the specific circumstance of the townships to formulate the corresponding measures, and do a good deed of information publish timely, and infrastructure; Second through the method of finance, financial, taxes and disease prevention and control system to keep a lookout the risk of breeding to arrange the investment reasonably; In addition, through the "bringing in" and "walk out" combined way to increase the breeding skills, actively carried out all kinds of free training courses, to provide favorable macro environment for the innovation of pig industry organization.3、It is meaningful to transfer the leading role of Cooperation Organization.The organization itself plays an irreplaceable role in the process of cooperation system take part in the organization innovation. First the organization itself must promote democratization degree of organization Respect the will of members, make scientific organization system, so that the members can really involved in the process of construction, and development of organization; Of course, this requirement cannot leave Improving the relevant system that within the organization.Cooperation organization whether in the process of early building or in the continuous improvement process the cooperation organization must take account of the interests of members, Through improving the system about the property, members, rewards and punishments, communication, distribution of interests, training and so on to improve the transparency of organization, try to make member satisfaction, and realize the purpose of scientific cooperation between the members by meeting the willingness to cooperate of the members.

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