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Study on Method of Modulation Top-quality and Growing Season in Different Parts Distirbution Nutirents Two Corn Feed

Author: ReZiYa·MuTaiLiFu
Tutor: AiNiWaEr·AiShan
School: Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course: Zoology
Keywords: Xin qing No.12(grain) corn No.13(feed) corn Growth stages Differentparts Silage Fermentation quality Nutrition Degradation rate
CLC: S816.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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This paper was conducted to study growth character of (Xin qing No.12(grain),No.13(feed))In different parts at different stages of growth and nutrient compositionchange was studied, and different growth period of corn silage various nutritioningredient content analysis.further through the in vitro digestion experiment to explorethe degradation rate of nutrients, to determine the best corn silage period, as acombination of ruminant grass sources of applicability.Test1. To make an initial analyze growth period in different parts of the growthrate of nutrients Distribution of two corn results show that: the various parts of thecorn plant growth and development point of view always the length vegetative organs(roots, stems, leaves), post-production reproductive organs (ear, grain). With theextension of the growing season (heading ripening period) various parts of thenutrients accumulated transferred to other organs (stem→green leaves→the bract→grain).12corn13corn ripening period than the DM content of the milk stageincreased to9.68%,10.3%. CP content of the plants corn compare No.12(grain) thecorn gradually increased, while corn fell13(silage), milk stage, dough stage andripening of the difference between a highly significant difference (P<0.01).Cumulative change according to changes in the growth and development of varietiesof nutrients (P<0.05).Test2. Growth stage corn silage (milky stage, dough stage, ripening period),respectively fermentation quality and nutrients, the test results showed that: thequality of fermentation to compare the two kinds of corn growing period, lactic acid,acetic acid,acid content difference was significant (P<0.01),12corn dough stage lacticacid than the13th milky stage higher than23.18%,14.15%lower than from the doughstage. Corn processing fermentation quality of silage group than in the other grouphas a significant difference (P<0.05), the ammoniated group NH3-N content higherthan8.93%,10.15%,13.76%. Changes in nutrients to compare the two types of corndry matter content agreed with the gradual increase in the growing season, thedifferences between the varieties of each growth period was significantly (P<0.01),ADF, Ca and P content were no significant differences (P>0.05). Milky stage corn CPcontent of13corn dough stage is less than3.58%, the difference was significant(P<0.01);12corn each treatment group EE has significantly between contentdifferences (P>0.05), Microbial groups NDF content is high and the other treatmentgroups (P<0.05).Test3. From a test based on the use of artificial rumen method for the dynamicdegradation rate of72hours. The results show that: with the corn growing season ofnutrients degradation rate gradually decreased (P<0.05),12CP degradation rate of thecorn dough stage than other reproductive period were higher than2.14%,4.03%; No.13milky stage respectively, higher than the3.87%,2.96%;has a highly significantdifference (P<0.01) between the two corn growing period the degradation rate of theraw materials and silage. No.12corn each treatment group compared the silage groupdegradation rate is lower than other groups, the ammoniated group CP degradationrate of42.59%, Microbial group NDF degradation rate of51.04%, the difference washighly significant level (P<0.01).

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