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Distribution and Health Effects of Trace Element in Ecological System of Longevity Elder’s District ChengMai

Author: WangYaJuan
Tutor: LuoShengXu
School: Hainan University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: longevity village trace element content distribution bioavailability healthy long life
CLC: R151.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Chengmai County, located in the northwest of Hainan Island is the only county that has won title of "Longevity Township in China" in Hainan, awarded by the Geriatric Society of China. According to the latest statistics, the proportion of the aged with long life far exceeds the standard of "centenarians accounting for7or7.5persons per a hundred thousand persons in census register" ruled by China and the United Nations towards "township of longevity". Chengmai county has fertile soil, qualified water, fresh air, and nice ecological environment, providing local people with good conditions for long life. The soil of Chengmai is mainly red soil and sandy soil, which is rich in a variety of trace elements that are necessary for human body. The output of the crop has a promoting effect on human health and longevity. All the trace elements cannot be composed in internal body but depend on absorbing from the outside environments. Therefore, the trace elements within our bodies are greatly affected by environment, diet, occupation, and so on. It is necessary to conduct the research on the trace elements in the ecosystem of Chengmai, from the characteristics of the total quantity, form distribution, to explain the relation between healthy longevity and soil, drinking water and food environment. The research will provide experimental and theoretical data basis for the mechanism research of human health. Meanwhile, it can further provide foundation for the reasonable development of agriculture, industry, and tourism in Chengmai, offering scientific basis for forging characteristic longevity economy."Top10Longevity Villages" are chosen from over one thousand villages within Chengmai county’s jurisdiction, and all the longevity indexes of the top10longevity villages are higher than average index of the county. According to geographical location and the distribution characteristics of the longevous, we chose six longevity villages as the research object, collected36samples of local farmland soil,72samples of drinking water, crops samples (18for vegetables and18for paddy rice),36samples of rice,36samples of the hair of the longevous as well as34samples of their descendants’ hair, and measured the physicochemical property of soil. Build the environment of sealed high pressure to dispel, and adopt ion alternative electrode to determine the content of F; adopt flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) to determine the content of Zn, Mn, Ca, Fe and Mg; adopt inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to determine the content of Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Sr. The results show that, for samples using high pressure sealing cans to disinfect, clear transparent sample solution could be obtained. Using method of ion selective electrode to measure the sample solution, we get that, the concentration of F shows good linear relationship within the scope of0.0~1.0μg·mL-1, with correlation coefficient R2=0.9941, detection limit of0.06μg·mL-1, precision of the method RSD<9%, and adding standard recovery rate within96.8%~104.2%; the sample solution was measured by flame atomic absorption spectrometry, and the results showed that, Zn, Mn, Ca, Fe, Mg all showed a good linear relationship within their work concentration range, and all the correlation coefficient R2were more than0.994. The limit of detection was0.900ng·mL-1~0.955ng·mL-1, and the precision of the method RSD<6%. The adding standard recovery rate were between94.7%~105.4%; the sample solution was measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and the results showed that, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sr showed a good linear relationship within their work concentration, and all the correlation coefficient R2were more than0.999. The limit of detection was0.900ng·mL-1~0.955ng·mL-1, and the precision RSD<7%. The adding standard recovery rate were between93.2%~102.8%.According to the statistics obtained by measure in the experiment, the analysis of arable land, drinkable water, food, the content characteristics of micro elements (Zn, Mn, Ca, Fe, Mg, F, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sr) in the hair of the old and young people of the longevity village of Chengmai were conducted; and the analysis of distribution features of Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn, F elements in the hair of the residents are conducted as emphasis. The result shows:the content of Fe, Zn, F, Sr in cultivated land is about twice the national average, that of Ca, Mg, Cd is slightly higher than the national average; the content of Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn, Sr in drinking water is higher, and that of Cd and Pb is far lower than the allowable value; the contents of Ca, Fe, Zn, Mn, and Cu in rice and vegetables are all higher than those of longevity villages in Rugao (a county in Nantong, Jiangsu) and Beijing; among the microelement spectrum of hair in the longevous, the contents of Zn, Fe, and F are relatively outstanding, and the content of Zn is quite stable. Compared with the sons and daughters, the old people in this longevity village has similar distribution of elements like Ca, Mg, F:that of the young is higher than that of the old people; the family of element Zn:that of the old is higher that that of the young.A research is conducted on the morphology and the bio-availability of elements, namely, Cu, Cd, Mn, Fe, Zn, by BCR three-step successive extraction method, to analyze the correlation between the morphological content and the element content in the plant. The finding shows in the BCR extraction method, the content and distribution of each element are different in the arable soil. Fe, which takes the highest percentage of the morphology in F4(76.4%), has a minimum mobility and bio-availability in the soil. Zn, Mn, Cu respectively has medium bio-availability. In the13elements, calcium and magnesium show extremely strong enrichment, while chromium, strontium, nickel cadmium and copper have strong enrichment. Chromium is a harmful element, and the content in soil is far less than the allowance value for food, which won’t have bad influence on people’s health. The order of intake coefficient of various agricultural plants is Cd>Cu>Zn≈Mn> Fe. In the storage state of the arable land, the plant effectiveness of Cd is the biggest, that of Zn, Mn, Cu ranks in the middle and that of Fe is the smallest. It is obvious that both of these results are consistent.Probe into the correlation of the drinking water, edible rice and elements (Ca, Zn, Mg, F, Fe, Mn) contained with characteristic distribution in the longevous’s hair in Chengmai County. Establish mathematical model based on longevity information of longevity villages, and probe into the relevance between the model and information of longevity villages and the biological absorption coefficient of the elements which is closely related to crops and the soil. The results show that the correlation coefficient between zinc, fluorine in the longevous’hair and edible rice is greater than0.3, which has relatively significant correlation. The absolute value of the relevant coefficient between the plant intake coefficient of elements Mg and Fe in rice, of element F in pakchoi, of elements Ca and Zn in brassica chinensis, of elements of Mn and F in sweet potato and health assessment r range from0.5to0.8, which is in apparent relation. The biological absorption coefficient of Ca in pakchoi with the correlation coefficient of health score is greater than0.8, which is highly correlated. On the whole, the absorption coefficient for vegetables elements of pakchoi is closely linked to longevity and health, followed by brassica chinensis and sweet potato leaves. Pakchoi can be treated as the health source crop for residents of Chengmai longevity villages.

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