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How Nao Tai Tong Granule Affects ET、AngⅡ、and CGRP in the Hypertensive Rat Model

Author: LiXiang
Tutor: LiJun
School: Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: The hypertension NaoTaiTong granule hepatic heat and phlegmstasis ET AngⅡ CGRP
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Background and Purpose: Hypertension is a world-wide disease, whoselong-term development can lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascularcomplications. Hypertension influences the structure and function ofimportant visceral organ, such as hear, brain, and kidney, and is one ofthe major threats to human lives and health. But at present, both at homeand abroad, there is still no effective measure to prevent and control itscomplications. Recently, in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology, as weknow more and more about vasoactive peptide that can promote the growth ofendothelial cell, a great progress has been made in treating Hypertension.NaoTaiTong granule (NTT Granule) is a compound preparation of Chinesemedicine, which can help to invigorate the circulation of blood and removeblood stasis. The present study aimed to investigate the mechanisms by whichNaoTaiTong Granule treats Hypertension, by measuring the followingphysiological indexs before and after the hypertensive rats were givenNaoTaiTong granule: blood pressure, endothelin (ET), angiotensin Ⅱ(AngⅡ), calcitonin-gene-related peptide (CGRP), blood fat, and blood rheology.Methods:10rats were selected randomly from70ones as a blank group, andthe remaining60rats were used to construct hypertensive rat model. Afterthe model had been successfully constructed,5groups of rats, with10asone group, were selected: model group, western medicine group, NaoTaiTonggranule low dose group, NaoTaiTong granule medium dose group, and NaoTaiTonggranule large dose group. The blank group and the model group were giventhe quantity physiological saline, and the other groups were given thecorresponding quantity medicine treatment. In the treatment all around1st week, the2nd week, the3th week, we measured the following physiologicalindexs: endothelin(ET),angiotensinⅡ(AngⅡ), calcitonin-gene-relatedpeptide (CGRP), blood fat, and blood rheology.Result: Each dose group of NaoTaiTong granule had the significant effectof preventing the blood pressure from rising, especially in the3th week,as compared with itself before medicine treatment and with the modle group(p <0.05), which was more pronounced in the NaoTaiTong granule large dosegroup and medium dose group; in addition, the content of ET、AngⅡ, bloodfat, and blood rheology was significantly reduced in the NaoTaiTong granulelarge dose group and medium dose group as compared with the model group (p<0.05or p <0.01).Conclusion: The effect of NaoTaiTong granule on treating hypertension mightarise from its role in lessening the content of ET、AngⅡ、CGRP, and bloodfat, hence improving the function of vascular wall and degrading the levelof blood pressure.

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