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The Clinical Observation of Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue Prescription Which is Used to Treat the Type of Deficiency both of Lung and Spleen of Chronic Gastritis in Children

Author: YuanGuoHong
Tutor: ZhouYing
School: Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: chronic gastritis in children the type of deficiency both of lungand spleen Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue prescription
CLC: R272
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective Observe clinical curative effect of Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxueprescription used to treat the type of deficiency both of lung and spleen ofchronic gastritis in children,provide effective and well-compliance clinicaltreatment prescription for chronic gastritis in children,provide theoryevidence of clinical application for Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue prescription.Methods60children being up to standard were randomly,single-blindly,contrastly principle classified into treatment group and control group,eachof30cases. Treatment group used Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue prescription(formedby Astragalus,Codonopsis,Salvia,etc),clinical dialectical to add or subtract,3months for a course of treatment. Control group used Compound AstragalusStrengthening-spleen Oral Liquid,the course of treatment is the same astreatment group.The children in two group with positive results of Helicobaterpylori(Hp)antibody all use Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium DispersibleTablers to treat2weeks.Two groups were given Compound Eosinophil-Lactoba-cillus Tablets which is one of intestinal flora regulator agents taken orallyto cure. After1course of treatment,observe the improving situation ofclinical signs and symptoms,such as bellyache,anorexia,defecate-abnormal,succulent,pain when the abdomen touched,etc,repaired situation of gastricmucosal under upper gastrointestinal tract barium swallow,the situation ofHp antibody converted negative,the levels of trace element and lead in serum,the levels of immunoglobulin in serum,clinical general curative effect,medicine adverse reaction,all do statistical analysis. Result With the improving situation of clinical signs and symptoms(bellyache,anorexia,defecate-abnormal,succulent,pain when the abdomentouched),the treatment group is better than control group(P<0.05or P<0.01).Repaired situation of gastric mucosal under upper gastrointestinal tractbarium swallow,treatment group is better than control group(P<0.05),havingstatistical significance. The situation of Hp antibody converted negative,the treatment group is better than control group(P<0.05). The amelioratelevels of trace element(Zinc,Iron,Calcium element) in serum and the levelof lead in serum cutting down,all having statistical significance(P<0.05orP<0.01). The improving levels of immuneoglobulin in serum(IgG,IgM,IgA),thetreatment group compared with control group which has statisticalsignificance is better than control group(P<0.05or P<0.01). With clinicalgeneral curative effect, the treatment group is93.3%, the control group is70%, the treatment group is better than control group(P<0.01),having markeddifference. Observe medicine adverse reaction:the treatment group and controlgroup both are found no adverse response and allergies,and the adherence oftaking medication are all fine.Conclusion Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue prescription is used to treat the type ofdeficiency both of lung and spleen of chronic gastritis in children,with theimproving situation of clinical signs and symptoms,repairing gastric mucosalunder upper gastrointestinal tract barium swallow,changing Hp antibody intonegative,ameliorating trace element levels(Zinc,Iron,Calcium element) andreducing lead level in serum,improving levels of immuneoglobulin in serum,and clinical general curative effect,treatment group is all better thancontrol group,which show Jianpi Fuzheng Huoxue prescription used to treatchronic gastritis in children acquire beneficial effect.

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