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TCM Syndromes and Cervical Local Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasiail-2, IL-4and TNF-α Correlation

Author: FengMingXia
Tutor: ZhuLiHong
School: Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia variable (CIN) syndromecharacteristics interleukin-2 interleukin-4 tumor necrosis factor-α immunohistochemistry
CLC: R273
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective: To designate the characteristics of cervical intraepithelial neoplasiacard, crossover study of cervical immune status, as entry point for cervicalintraepithelial neoplasia syndrome, explore the different syndromes characteristicsintrinsic link with cervical immune status, Chinese medicine intervention, blockingCIN the development of evolution to provide evidence of phonological basis.Methods: Second Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi College of Traditional ChineseMedicine, Western Electric Group Hospital in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi ProvinceTumor Hospital outpatient and inpatient department in July2010to February2012,treatment of281patients met the inclusion criteria of cervical intraepithelial neoplasiapatients by filling out the patient manual to collect general information and clinical dataof patients, using the method of cluster analysis, cluster of symptoms.Application the immunohistochemistry SP method detection object of study ofcervical tissue in the IL-2at the same time, state of IL-4and TNF-α expression, andimage analysis software image-pro plus6.0tissue samples IL-2,IL-4and the positiveexpression of TNF-α semi-quantitative analysis, IL-2,IL-4and TNF-α-positiveexpression IOD(integrated optical density) said that the the IOD values(x±s)×l04.Results:1.Were collected in line with281cases included in the standard case, inwhich CINⅠ,109cases,77cases of CINⅡ,95cases of CINⅢ. The frequency ofsymptoms in statistics collected medical records after a cluster analysis clustered into sixcategories, namely: the damp toxic heat blood stasis, Spleen dampness, qi stagnation,kidney yang deficiency, yin deficiency and dampness. CINⅠ,patients with Spleendampness type, damp and second; CINⅡ patients are the most common inner heat,followed by kidney yang deficiency; CINⅢ patients with inner heat, toxic heat bloodstasis, spleen dampness second. 2. IOD of IL-2expression in CIN Ⅰ and CIN II and CIN III organization were:3.173±1.142,2.524±0.813,1.965±0.752. Homogeneity of variance test of theLevene method mean homogeneity of variance (P>0.05), with comparable; IOD valuesof IL-2expression in each group difference was statistically significant different levels ofCIN lesions in IL-2The expression intensity of expression was decreased (F=8.736, P<0.05) with the increase in the degree of cervical lesions. IOD of IL-4expression in CINⅠ and CIN II and CIN III organization were:2.879±1.406,4.132±1.359,5.783±1.252. Homogeneity of variance test of the Levene method mean homogeneity ofvariance (P>0.05) were comparable; IOD values of IL-4expression among the groupswas statistically significant difference, different grade CIN lesions in IL-4Expression ofenhanced expression of strength with the increase in the degree of cervical lesions (F=20.718, P <0.05). IOD values of TNF-α expression in the tissues of CIN Ⅰ and CIN IIand CIN III, respectively:4.179±1.413,5.182±1.649,6.903±1.536. Homogeneity ofvariance test of the Levene method mean homogeneity of variance (P>0.05) werecomparable; the IOD value of TNF-α expression in each group difference wasstatistically significant, TNF-α in different grade CIN lesions Expression of enhancedexpression of strength with the increase in the degree of cervical lesions (F=21.487, P<0.05).This research among the various groups in the ratio of IL-2/IL-4by varianceanalysis,differences are statistically significant (F=13.982,P<0.01);IL-2/IL-4oddsdecrease with the increase of CIN lesions, and CIN lesion severity of negativecorrelation.3. IL-2, IL-4and TNF-α and CIN Chinese medicine certificate-designate of therelationship: IL-2IOD value between each syndrome type group (p<0.05) weresignificantly different, their overall change in trend is: hot and humid Yun-type>Spleenwet-Sheng>kidney yang deficiency>toxic heat stagnancy type>liver Qi stagnation>yin deficiency clip wet; IOD value of IL-4in each card between the two groups (p<0.05), the difference significant, its overall trend as follows: Spleen wet-Sheng>hot andhumid Yun-type>toxic heat stagnancy type>kidney yang deficiency>yin deficiencyclip wet>liver Qi stagnation; TNF-αIOD value of each card comparison between thetype of group (p<0.05), the difference was significant, its overall trend for the dampness type: Spleen wet-Sheng>hot and humid Yun-type>toxic heat stagnancy type>kidneyyang deficiency>yin deficiency clip wet>liver Qi stagnation.Conclusion:1.The evolution of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia with TCMtype-designate a certain relationship. Provide an objective indication of reference to startfrom the standardization of syndrome, syndrome differentiation typing to make it moreperfect, blocking the evolution of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia expand the thinking ofChinese medicine.2.IL-2IOD value, IL-2/IL-4ratio was inversely associated with cervicalintraepithelial neoplasia lesions; IL-4and TNF-αpositive expression of semi-quantitativevalue of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia The lesions were positively correlated;prompted IL-2,IL-4and TNF-α is of great sig-nificance for the evolution ofcervical intraepithelial neoplasia, and IL-2reduce the level of the IL-4levels increased,indicating the Th1and Th2between the dynamic equilibrium is broken, resulting Th1Th2drift caused a decline in anti-tumor cellular immunity and clear the HPV virusfunction, and promote the development of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. IL-2,IL-4combined test can provide evidence for Th1drift to the Th2.3.By clustering analysis study of six such syndromes and IL-2, the relevance valuesof both IL-4and TNF-αIOD, intrinsic damp-heat and spleen deficiency ofmoisture-holding close to the development of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, attentionshould be given in the treatment based on syndrome differentiation.

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