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An Analysis of the Mother-daughter Relationship in the Background-life-communication Routine in the Joy Luck Club

Author: HaoZuo
Tutor: ChenFeng
School: Liaoning University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: cross-culture contradiction mother-daughter relationship harmony
CLC: I712.074
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The Joy Luck Club is the first piece of work of the famous American Chinese writer,Amy Tan. It introduces the life after immigrating to the United States of four Chinesemothers who suffered a lot and the contradiction and conflicts between them and theirdaughters who grew up in America. The ups and downs in plot not only vividly describethe changes in the relationship between immigration mothers and American daughters butalso reflect the bitterness and helplessness under the circumstance of age change. Thework leaves a deep impression on readers and audiences.Cross-culture refers to the cultural phenomenon, customs, habits, etc. which hasdifferences and conflicts between different nations and countries, and it needs us to havecorrect cognition on it. The perspective of cross-culture as an innovative way whichoriginates from the ordinary cultural perspective is an important theoretical perspective instudying the causes of changes in the relationship between mothers and daughters in TheJoy Luck Club, and it has very important practical significance. Only through theperspective of cross-culture can we stand in the angle of the objective review to explorethe specific differences between different cultures and well describe these differences indetails, which is not only beneficial to alleviate the contradiction between differentcultures but also can strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between different cultures.Therefore, this thesis will begin with a cross-cultural perspective, deeply explore andstudy the relationship between mothers and daughters in The Joy Luck Club and discussthe major reasons of changes from contradiction to harmony in the relationship betweenmothers and daughters in The Joy Luck Club.This thesis is generally divided into three parts: introduction, main body andconclusion.The first part is introduction. It mainly introduces the current research situationabout the relationship between mothers and daughters at home and abroad and explainsthe applied values and theoretical significances of the research about the relationshipbetween mothers and daughters in The Joy Luck Club.The second part is the main body that includes three chapters. The first chapter givesa brief summary about cross-cultural perspective, including the definition of cross-culture, practical application of cross-culture and significance of cross-culture. And then this partintroduces the relationship between mothers and daughters in The Joy Luck Club,including the characteristics of the contradiction between four pairs of mothers anddaughters, how mothers and daughters get on well with each other and the characteristicsof the harmony of mothers and daughters. In the end, it gives a detailed description of therespect role of mothers and daughters, that is, the characteristics of the role of mothers inThe Joy Luck Club, the characteristics of the role of daughters and the significance ofmaintaining the relationship between mothers and daughters.The second chapter gives a brief introduction of the specific causes of thecontradiction between mothers and daughters from a cross-culture perspective and it ismade up of three parts to give a specific analysis. Firstly, conflicts of mainstream ideasunder the circumstance of cross-culture. It is divided into three parts to study and discuss,that is, it gives a respect introduction of the influence of long-term imprisonment offeudal thought, which is the historical factor of the mother-daughter conflict; the shockon both mothers and daughters from American mainstream ideas is the social factor ofthe mother-daughter conflict; and the differences in Chinese and American women statusin the relationship between mothers and daughters are the factors of human rights of themother-daughter conflict. Secondly, the contradiction between cultural identities is in thecourse of cross-culture. It is also divided into three parts to study and discuss, that is, itgives a respect introduction of the influence of the constraint of mothers’ miserableexperiences, contradiction between self and other people and the shock between doubleculture and single culture to the relationship between mothers and daughters. Thirdly,there is a wrong understanding of the cross-cultural communication. It first elaborates thedifferences in family education between America and Chinese, which is the root cause ofmother and daughter not to accept each other’s advice. Then it introduces the conflictsbetween the two languages which affect the relationship between mothers and daughters,and it is one of the important reasons for hindering the communication of mothers anddaughters. At last, it introduces the impact of the conflicts of values of life on therelationship between mothers and daughters, which is the main cause of mothers anddaughters for not agreeing with each other.The third chapter is the study of how the relationship between mothers and daughters changes and it also discusses the main reasons of how the relationship betweenmothers and daughters changes into harmony from a cross-cultural perspective. It isanalyzed from three aspects. The first one is about a deep understanding of thebackground of cross-culture, which begins with an introduction, which introduces thatthere is no discrimination and difference between cultures. And then it relates that theculture itself has a certain tendency. In the end, it narrates something about the symbiosisof culture. From these three aspects, it elaborated the influence of the cross-culturalbackground on mother-daughter relationship changes. The second one is about the severetest of cross-cultural life to the mothers and daughters, which begins with the approval ofthe culture identities of both the mothers and daughters. And then it discusses the needsof family and society. In the end, it relates the rapid development of China’s economyand culture. From these three aspects, it elaborated the intercultural life’s influence on themother-daughter relationship changes. The third one is about the presentation of moralityand affection between family members in the course of cross-culture communication, andit introduces that the ease of the mother-daughter relationship is an inevitable trend underthe link of kinship. And then it introduces that the relationship between mothers anddaughters changing into harmony is the irresistible choice because of morality in humanrelations. At last, it relates that mothers and daughters gradually dismiss from their mindsbecause of the communication and exchange between them.The third part is the conclusion. This thesis is by the use of a brief introduction ofcross-culture perspective and a description of the characteristics that showed in thecourse of the change in the relationship between mothers and daughters. Then it iscombined with the background of cross-culture, the life of cross-culture and the course ofcross-culture communication to establish a relative thorough theoretical perspective ofcross-culture. And this thesis investigates the main causes of the relationship betweenmothers and daughters changing from contradiction to harmony. What has been discussedis not only a complete explanation of the relationship between the mothers and daughtersin The Joy Luck Club, but also a certain kind of enlightenment for the relationshipbetween mothers and daughters in the realistic society or modern society. It acts as a sortof direct theoretical guide, which is worth our use for reference in nowadays society.

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