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Research on the Writing Mentality of Shen Quanqi

Author: HeXueWen
Tutor: YanBaoQuan
School: Shanxi Normal University
Course: Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords: Shen Quanqi the Writing Mentality the political power
CLC: I207.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Shen Quanqi was the famous poet in the early period of TangDynasty, and his poems wrote in the period of Emperor Wu Zetian toEmperor Zhong Zong. The history of this period was muchcomplex.Political system, social structure, social trends werechanging. This paper holded the view that the social situationimpacted largely writing mentality of Shen Quanqi, especially thepolitical power. In this paper, Shen Quanqi’s life experiences wasdivided into three parts which consisted of Empress Wu period, afterbanishment and after returning imperial court.And the thesisdiscusses the writing mentality of Shen Quanqi on the basis of threeperiods.In the Empress Wu period, Shen Quanqi stepped into the politicalarena. Papers combed clearly this period of the Shen Quanqi’s officialexperience. By generalizing and analyzing of the poetry of this period,we could conclude that: he wrote a lot of the Yingzhi Poem which content was mostly praising of someone in order to get the attentionof imperial power. This Phenomenon reflected the writing mentalitywhich he actively pursued fame. Because of long-termunderappreciated from imperial power, he had the sad andcomplained writing mentality. So he wrote Ganhuai Poem to expressthe sentiment of aspirations blighted and the helpless sorrow.Whenhe temporarily deprived of political power, his Huaiyou Poem showedthe depressed writing mentality and reflected his sincere emotion.Afeter Shenlong Coup d’Etat was happened, Shen Quanqi wasrelegated to Huan Zhou. The paper combined his exile experience andthe history, and investigated the route of banishment and return. Andthesis mainly analyzed the changing process of the Shen Quanqi’swriting mentality: it was the disaffected sense of being banished fromcapital at first, then was the scared sense to relegated land, finallywas the sense of homesickness after relegation. The paper got theconclusion that Shen Quanqi’ inner emotions were able to expressand his poems show to the thinking of life if he had been away fromthe center of political power. Meanwhile, the paper also analyzed theinfluence of Buddhism and Taoism to his writing mentality.After Shen Quanqi returned imperial court, he assumed the officeof many positions. The paper combined the experience of demotedand the social atmosphere of this period, and discusses the dependency writing mentality reason, which chose to depend on theimperial power to in order to protect himself. To depend on theimperial power, he had to submit to the imperial power. So ShenQuanqi’s Yingzhi Poem were aimed at Zhong Zong’s interests, and thenumber of poems was the most in peers. In this period, Shen Quanqi’sYingzhi Poem inherited basically the magnificent imposing manner ofEmpress Wu period, and had not any breakthrough in the art.Thesis proved that political power had influence on the writingmentality of Shen Quanqi by analyzing the poems of every period. Inaddition, the paper also researched the born and death Dynasty ofShen Quanqi, and combed his family background.

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