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Shandong area of the Neolithic Age unearthed jade to the Dawenkou Culture and Longshan culture jade as the center

Author: ZhangMeiLing
Tutor: WangXiPing; JiangLinChang
School: Yantai University
Course: Archaeology and Museology
Keywords: shandong the Neolithic Age jade Origins ofcivilization
CLC: K876.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Jade,as one of the important elements of civilization, Chinesecivilization on the one hand, it is the decorations reflect beauty, wisdom,wealth, on the other hand is a symbol of some kind of idea, namely thefaith, power, status, the image of the embodiment. As a culturalphenomenon unique to the Chinese civilization, jade of archaeologicalresearch, while can not accurately distinguish s like pottery, but at thetime of deep reveals some social problems, especially in the process ofcivilized jade good embodies the prehistoric people of the primitivereligion, so its research is a necessary and important.LiJi presided over the archaeological of xiyin village inshanxixiaxian since1926, archaeological site of today, all over thecountry have unearthed a large number of neolithic jade, as one of sixregional archaeological culture is also unearthed a large number ofprehistoric jades in shandong district. Jades of the neolithic in shandongdistrict research and represented by the hongshan culture jade, liangzhuculture as the representative of the west liaohe system compared to jadering taihu system research, its research is relatively weak. Such as inshandong district jades of the neolithic jade culture area, origin, and thewest liaohe system ring system, the relationship between the jade culturearea in taihu, in the civilizing process and a series of problems lake acomprehensive system of research, cause some problems unresolved.This is affecting us in shandong region neolithic culture features acomprehensive understanding.With the development of archaeological work the shandong regionof the neolithic cultural development venation clearly displayed in frontof the world it can be summarized as: houli-beixin-dawenkou-longshan. This article comprehensively collected neolithic jadeunearthed in shandong area, adopting the method of archaeologyneolithic jade to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the shandongregion, as objectively as possible a comprehensive understanding of the content of the shandong region of the neolithic culture and jade in theposition in the region’s culture.

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