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"The loss of Kuhn"

Author: JingDeTao
Tutor: XiaoDeWu
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Foreign Philosophy
Keywords: Kuhn loss paradigm normal science scientific development
CLC: B712.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Kuhn shows a different kind of scientific progress view scientific revolutionmodel. In his own book which called "The structure of scientificrevolution".Paradigm shift is called a revolution in the process of scientificprogress.kuhn thinks that they cannot be compared between paradigms. Scientificdevelopment is not a cumulative cause, but through a new paradigm is completelyreplaced by the old one.There are some scientific problems need both sides of the twoparadigms to be solved in the paradigm conversion, but the new paradigm has lostsome questions that the old paradigm can ask, and also lost their answer that the oldparadigm has solved, this loss is called "Kuhn loss"."Kuhn loss" as an important partof the crisis, it is an important problem which worthy of in-depth discussion.. A new paradigm in the primary stage is always not perfect, and the"Kuhn loss"almost exists in all the paradigm transformation, however we cannot give up a newtheory in the progress stages of it, because this loss is temporary, not loss of theproblem that the former paradigm has solved permanently.Kuhn said there is somegain while we lose something in the scientific revolution in "the structure of scientificrevolution", and scientists always seem to ignore the losses. Why scientists oftenignore these losses? Why scientists turn a blind eye to the lost? Why will appear thiskind of loss in the process of scientific development? What can we replacement in thelost? What are the characteristics of "Kuhn loss"? Which aspects should we giveanswers about the "Kuhn loss". What kind of attitude we should be toward this kindof loss? All these problems are the main content of this thesis.There are no enough attentions give to "Kuhn loss" in today’s domestictherefore, the research of "Kuhn loss" have positive effects on gap-filling, which canmake people have a more comprehensive understanding of "Kuhn loss", make peoplegive enough attention to "Kuhn loss", of course it also can make people have a moreprofound understanding of Kuhn’s theory.This paper is divided into five parts, in this paper we will use methods of case study and comparison in order to make a specifically describe of "Kuhn loss" in fiveparts, tries to analyze reasons,make the concepts clearly, provide solutions and revealsignificance.The first part of the article is the basic content of "Kuhn loss". In this section,wewill discuss what is the meaning of "Kuhn loss", and then, according to Kuhn’s viewsand attitude we will classify "Kuhn loss", finally through the two problems which wehave discussed above we will sum up the characteristics of "Kuhn loss". In thissection, the thesis also elaborated what we have lost between the new paradigm andthe old paradigm.The article analyzes the loss of problems and their solutions, the lossof simplicity, precision and effectiveness of a new paradigm appears in interpretingthe phenomenon, the loss of the concept, the loss of scientists and the science schoolsin the new paradigm.The second part of the article is the reasons for the loss and what can we do tocover the loss. In this section, we will analyze what reasons will cause "Kuhn loss",and then through the research of the development model of scientific revolution, wecan find in which part of the loss will be covered and how to cover it. The reason whycauses the loss including the characteristics of theory itself, the irrational factors in thetheory of selection, the model paradigm of education, the specialization process of thetheory and the factors of the revolution itself.The cover of "Kuhn loss" mainlyconcentrated on the normal science period, and the puzzle-solving of normal scienceperiod.The third part of the article is the answer of "Kuhn loss".In this part,this thesistry to analyze the answer of popper falsificationism, we will analyse whether popperadmit the existence of "Kuhn loss", and provide the solutions to the problem. We willshow the answer of lactates from two aspects of sophisticated falsificationism and theMethodology of Research Programmes of "Kuhn loss". We will also analyse theanswer of Paul Feyerabend by the theory of pluralism of methodology.At last, we willshow the answer to "Kuhn loss" which Laudan gave in progress and its problems.The fifth part of the article is the evaluation of "Kuhn loss" and the realisticsignificance of the theory. In this part,we will make an evaluation of "Kuhn loss" from three aspects, including the creator of history, the tendency of irrationalism andrelativism. And then outlook of the practical significance of "Kuhn loss" from theimportant role in the development of science.

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