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What Is This——Difference?

Author: ChenFan
Tutor: ChenGang; LiuGuoZhang
School: Nanjing University of Information Engineering
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: differences in social theory primordial differences differences in harmony andunity
CLC: B15
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Now the core idea of the contemporary philosophy of the "anti-fundamentalism,""anti-entity doctrine". If "fundamentalism", the entity doctrine "to the identity of its ideals, then contemporary philosophy undoubtedly go the road of questioning the" difference ". World War II in Nazi Germany planned genocide of the Jewish people practiced and numerous post-war scholars’atrocities of deep-seated to reflect the background of this transformation support.To clarify the concept of "difference", to make a judgment based on an intuitive level, under the definition of intellectual thinking is easy to be thinking in the wrong direction. This is manifested as the "same" and "difference" and "contradictions" of the three separated, investigated in the isolated, stationary state of a concept. This is the main problem of differences in social theory ". So it can not recognize the contradictions are the contradictions of the difference, the same is the difference the same. To overcome this problem we must rise to the dialectical rational level.Dialectical thinking is not the three as a desert, but any concept as a link into the overall, this whole is undoubtedly different. This view has been determined, we must first establish the primordial status of the differences, from the logic and the history of the two paths are discussed. Because the essence of dialectics is the unity of logic and history. Two closely linked, are indispensable, in the pure concept study will be among the logical level, showing among specific, inherent identity. In historical perspective, you will need to demonstrate primitive society, capitalist society, and communism differences in the nature of a general. This is the second part of the described content.Established the primordial status of the differences, showing the importance of the grasp. Differences as compared with only intellectual thinking outside the concept of "stacking" the concept of "ontology" can effectively overcome the nihilism of the former as the emotional life of a guide. The theorists reality and the ideal abstract fragmented, nihilism is inevitable that the. Intellectual thinking always like to be contradictions as not related to the same desert. The emotional reality of life is always filled by opposition and contradiction, and can only think not, and the other side of the world is the real "existence". Opinion differences in view of this article is the nature of the world, the contradiction is the driving force for development of the world, the difference in the principle of harmony and unity is the core, which is manifested as the difference in the world as a unified whole "contradiction" development. The same and contradictions, reality and ideals, and on this side and the other side of the external opposition, is only a product of human intellectual thinking (the main metaphysical ideas). Specific differences in concept as the basis to overcome the nihilism of the real life is the main problem to be solved by the third part of the article.

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