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A Study of Academic Emotions and Related Factors in Junoir School Students

Author: ZhangYu
Tutor: HeChengSen
School: Anhui Medical University,
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Junior school students Academic Emotions Related factors Cross-sectional study
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective Academic emotions that refer to a variety of emotions in teaching orlearning process have a direct relationship with the students’ academic experience.Academic emotions not only refer to a variety of emotional experience in theacademic success and failure but also focus on series of emotional experience amongthe classroom learning process,daily homework process and examination process. Assome researches confirmed from abroad, the academic emotions may correlated withacademic achievement、metacognition and some other factors in junior schoolstudents. But there have a very few domestic researches on academic emotions ofjunior school students., this research will investigate the academic emotions, discussthe related factors with academic emotions in junior school students, and supply somemeasures to reduce adolescents’ emotional and behavioral problems, promote theirability to regulate academic emotions.Methods In study one, The Youth Academic Emotions Questionnaire were used inone thousand three hundred and fifty junior school students. In study two, onethousand three hundred junior school students were investigated.The investigationwas carried out with The Youth Academic Emotions Questionnaire and somerelated scales. Correlated analysis and linear regression analysis were used to analyzethe relationship between several factors and academic emotions.Results In study one, there are significant grade differences in positive-low arousalemotions、 negative-high arousal emotions and negative-low arousal emotions(F=3.80,P<0.05;F=5.36,P<0.01;F=6.55,P<0.001). Non-child is much higher thanchild in negative-low arousal emotions (t=1.51,P<0.001). The students insingle-parent families are significant lower than the students in non-single-parent families in posi tive-high arousal emotions(t=2.28,P<0.05). Students in differentlevels of parental education are significantiy different in academic emotions(P<0.001).Students of different income of families have great differences in positive-higharousal emotions、positive-low arousal emotions and negative-high arousal emotions(F=8.38,P<0.001;F=3.33,P<0.05;F=6.67,P<0.001). Regression analysis showedthat father education、mother education、income of family and grade are importantfactors to predict academic emotions of junior school students.In study two,there were some statistical correlations between positive-high arousalemotions and academic achievement、adaptive CERQ、EPQ-E(r=0.346、0.399、0.346,P <0.01),some statistical correlations between positive-low arousal emotions andacademic achievement、adaptive CERQ、EPQ-E、EPQ-N、EPQ-L(r=0.341、0.315、0.278、-0.342、0.314,P <0.01)、maladaptive CERQ、EPQ-P(r=-0.107、-0.109,P <0.05),some statistical correlations between negetive-high arousal emotions andacademic achievement、maladaptive CERQ、EPQ-N、EPQ-P、EPQ-L(r=-0.184、0.334、0.468、0.144、-0.157,P <0.01)、adaptive CERQ、EPQ-E(r=-0.114、-0.094,P <0.05),some statistical correlations between negetive-low arousal emotionsand academic achievement、EPQ-E、EPQ-N、EPQ-P、EPQ-L(r=-0.341、-0.142、0.512、0.322、-0.383,P <0.01). Taking positive-high arousal emotions as dependentvariable, adaptive CERQ、 academic achievement and EPQ-E were into theregression equation, its interpretation were15.7%,11.8%and8.1%. Takingpositive-low arousal emotions as dependent variable, EPQ-N、academic achievement、adaptive CERQ、 EPQ-E and EPQ-L were into the regression equation, itsinterpretation were11.5%、11.5%、9.7%、7.5%and9.6%. Taking negetive-low arousalemotions as dependent variable, EPQ-N、maladaptive CERQ、academic achievementand EPQ-L were into the regression equation, its interpretation were21.8%、11%、3.2%and2.2%. Taking negetive-low arousal emotions as dependent variable,EPQ-N、maladaptive CERQ、EPQ-L and academic achievement were into theregression equation, its interpretation were26%、18.1%、14.5%and11.5%.Conclusion In study one, there were significant differences among differentbackground variables of academic emotions in junoir.Grade、family structure、level of parental education and income of family have more influence to the academicemotions of junoir school students.In study two, academic emotions of junior schoolstudents is associated with several factors, among which, adaptive CERQ, academicachievement, EPQ-E might play important roles on positive-high arousal emotions.EPQ-N、academic achievement、adaptive CERQ、EPQ-E and EPQ-L were importantfactors to predict positive-low arousal emotions of junior school students. EPQ-N、maladaptive CERQ、academic achievement and EPQ-L might play important roleson negetive-low arousal emotions. EPQ-N、 maladaptive CERQ、 EPQ-L andacademic achievement were important factors to predict negetive-low arousalemotions.

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