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Chronic Violent Video Game Exposure and Desensitization to Violence:Behavioral and ERP Empirical Research

Author: LiDongYang
Tutor: GaoXueMei
School: Southwestern University
Course: Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords: violence video game desensitization implicit association test ERP N110 P300
CLC: B841
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Video games are a form of human game, and it is a product of human science and technology development. And the growing influence of electronic games, and gradually become an important form of people’s entertainment. Content and form are also a variety of electronic games, especially most of the game is filled with scenes of bloody violence, this type of game is as violent video games. With the problems caused by violent video games, people started to pay attention to the consequences of playing violent video games. To many disciplines, experts and scholars began to study the impact of violent video games. Especially young people, become a very important way of their extra-curricular recreational use of computers to play games. And scholars have investigated the time of young people playing video games has exceeded the time spent watching TV. However, the composition of the violence in video games is a huge potential threat to the healthy growth of young factors, and also a lot of parents have been very worried about a problem. Long-term exposure to violent elements in the video game, will have a significant negative impact on youth character formation, leading to problem behavior? These are questions that parents, scholars have to worry about content. Experts and scholars of the field of psychology, concerned about the violent elements in the traditional media, to focus on violent video games, has launched a lot of research, but also achieved a lot.From three Scientific Committee-Case Committee, the Mental Health National institutions and the American Psychological Association on Violence and Youth Commission, through long-term follow-up survey and other studies to conclude that watching violence can increase aggressive behavior. And the increase of aggressive behavior is not only watching the violence negative impact, may also lead to violence desensitization of the viewer. Anderson et al,2010 for 136 violent video games do a meta-analysis, the analysis showed that:frequent exposure to violent video games can make the attack, the attacker cognitive level increase will also reduce the level of empathy and prosocial behavior of the likelihood.The design of this study is to start from this point of view of the violence desensitization to design experiments. Two indicators of pro-violence attitudes and empathy levels to explore the role of violent video games on violence desensitization. Previous study on violence desensitization, using a questionnaire, biofeedback and other methods, there are rare instances of event-related potentials to do research. This experiment is the basis of previous research results, to be innovative. Use of behavioral experiments and ERP are two ways to examine violence desensitization effect. The experiments selected for the experience group and the experience of non-violent video game group two types of violent video games were a total of 37, using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and event-related potentials (ERP) to examine the two categories were pro-violence attitudeand the level of empathy.In Experiment 1, by the Implicit Association Test (IAT) to examine the violent video game group were non-violent video game experience group violence implicit attitude difference. The total is divided into two experiments, the IAT. The first IAT implicit self-aggressive beliefs investigated, including the property concept word and the word of the offensive class; the second IAT implicit attack assessment visits, including the evaluation of word and attack word. IAT test, test to be completed two joint task:compatibility tasks and incompatible tasks. Compatibility task is to refer to the link between the concept of words with the attribute word and assumptions implicit attitudes consistent with the incompatibility task is the opposite. The fourth step and the seventh step of the reaction between the two joint task, called the IAT effect. Used as indicators of implicit attack within the study online game users. The results showed that there was no difference in the two types of test including the implicit self attack belief, implicit attack assessment, the two types of subjects there is a significant difference. And the reaction of violent video games group average of less than non-violent video game group, the violent video game group was aggressive with a more positive assessment that has a stronger pro-violence attitude.In Experiment II, through the use of REP technology to examine a group of violent video games experience and the experience of non-violent video game group two types of test differences in the level of pain empathy. Stimulus picture is divided into pain pictures and non-pain picture. The time distribution of the ERP waveform of the induced pain pictures and non-pain conditions, we mainly analyze these two components of the N110 and P300. On the N110 components of the incubation period, repeated measures analysis of variance, analysis showed that test the main effect significant. Repeated measures analysis of variance, the mean amplitude of the P300 component:to stimulate the main effect of significant angle×stimulus×trial type three there was an interaction.The results show that:(1) two test significant differences in the evaluation of violence attitude; (2) on the N110 reflecting the emotional sharing of empathy, the two types of test in the incubation period is significantly different; in the late component P300, stimulate a significant main effect. Point of view, to stimulate the type of subjects there was an interaction between the three. By the simple effect analysis showed that violent games group P300 component triggered by painful stimuli and non-painful stimuli in their own point of view, the difference was not significant. The study results suggest that violence desensitization have a higher pro-violence attitude, a lower level of empathy.

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