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Study on feudalism culture influence on political development of contemporary China

Author: QianRongDe
Tutor: YeQingFeng
School: The Central Party School
Course: Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords: feudalism culture China political development influence
CLC: D621
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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This dissertation mainly studies the residual of feudalism culture and its influenceon contemporary China politics. The contemporary refers to this period of historyfrom the founding of new China to the current. Feudalism culture belongs to thecategory of political culture. It embodies the officialdom standard, the rule ofbureaucracy, the rank and privilege and the human bondage in the political field. Inthe theoretical sense, this research is good to explore the law of the development ofChina politics and promote proceeding of the Marxism in China. In the practical sense,this research is good to speed up the process of China democratic politics andimplement all-round development of peopleThis dissertation includes five parts.The introduction contains introduces the research background and significance.It analyses the research situation of academic circles and do a briefly review. It alsoclarifies the research methods and innovations.The first chapter analyses the history of feudalism culture. Firstly, this chapterintroduces the different meaning on feudalism in the current academic circles.Secondly, the chapter analyses the two sides of feudalism culture, namely, its activerole aspect and its negative influence. At last, the chapter researches the historydevelopment of feudalism cultureThe second chapter analyses the influence factors of feudalism culture in Chinapolitical development. Its main forms are the power worship, the rank and privilege,ideological rigidity, and so on. They hinder the political development in some degree.The chapter also reviews that our party makes the achievement in the course ofeliminating these negative effect.The third chapter researches the reason which the feudalism culture exists incontemporary politics. There are the formation of a strong imperial autocracy andancient China bureaucratic system. In China history, it has never experienced thedevelopment of the market economy. The market economy may bring fairness,competition, contract, the liberation of personality, and so on, which are good for thepolitical development. People are irrationality in the course of seeking interests, whichleads to the official standard thought and privilege. The last chapter researches how to eliminate the negative influence of the feudalismculture. Firstly, it is necessary to solve how to realize the modernization of traditionalculture. Secondly, people should continue to emancipate the mind, which can providespiritual impetus and intellectual support for the political development. Thirdly, thesocialist democracy should be improved. In China, the key of the politicaldevelopment is the socialist democracy. The democracy is the life of Socialism. Thedevelopment of democracy can eliminate the negative effect. Fourthly, the socialistlaw should be improved. Fifthly, we should draw lessons from the western politicalcivilization. In western, there is much longer history of anti-feudalism than China.They have formed a relatively perfect political system in this process. It is necessaryfor us to learn from the western civilization.There are two innovation points in this dissertation. Firstly, the dissertation sets outthe research from the perspective of political development. The dissertation attemptsto make some discussion what the impact of feudalism culture is, and how toeliminate the influence on political development. Secondly, the dissertation tries toresearch how to treat the feudalism culture. The feudal culture includes somebeneficial ingredients, but there are dross components. We must make a distinction.There are two research methods in this dissertation, namely, the literature researchmethod and historical method.

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