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The Practice Logic of Civil Service Consumption Behavior

Author: HaoZuo
Tutor: YinZhongHai
School: Jiangxi University of Finance
Course: Sociology
Keywords: civil servant consume assumption about human nature the logic ofpractice
CLC: F126.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In recent years, the civil servants has become a popular choice for many jobseekers, a large number of college graduates take the civil service exam beforegraduation., the number of applicants is increasing year by year. In our country,“civilservants complex” is conveyed by generation, which is closely related to our traditionalculture, the civil servants become the best occupation choice; it is because the publicthink the occupation can bring good social status and income. The media exposes hugeconsumption of government officials, and many officials in corruption cases, theinformation in the trigger public attention and condemnation. But at the same time, italso conveys the information that a civil servant is the combination of "power" and"money". This more enhanced more desire for civil servants jobs. China is in a vigorousdevelopment period, Economic development in line with international standards,countries need to diverse talents, and the elite of the society subject to various effectsand has chosen to civil service industry, Is not conducive to the development of thesociety. In this paper, the relationship between the sociology of consumption sociology,sociology of emotions and other multi-disciplinary perspective, it based on theconsumption behavior of civil servants in the young group at the beginning, and realityto shows young civil servants consumption and life. Combined with the research resultsof Simmel, Webb and so many sociologists, Through the construction of bothphilosophy and social-historical strategy, focus on logic and image construction logic,natural attribute hierarchy logic of income, relation network of young civil servants。This paper applies the method of empirical investigation, mainly divided into theinterview and case collection analysis method, to strive to combine empirical researchand literature research, guarantee the authenticity and the research method of data isused by the rigorous, so as to realize the reliability of the research. The research objectof this paper is the civil servants in the youth group, age is defined as30years old, theirobject as the foundation and public bureaucracy of the respected, consumption isconstrained by the institutional, so they have certain particularity. In this paper, startingfrom the particularity part of them, so as to achieve the purpose of this study.This paper is divided into five parts. The first part is the introduction part, firstelaborated the special background and research object of study, and the researchmethods and framework of the previous description, thus put forward the researchmethod and framework of this article, Thus proposed the research methods and the structure of this paper, points out that this thesis is focused on four kinds of practicallogic of young civil servants. Secondly, this paper will take consumption as a key point,therefore carries on the summary to the domestic and foreign sociologists in consumerissues researches in the first part, because of the special nature of the research group,this paper also does a review of the research results of the domestic scholars on civilservants, which is an important basis. The second part firstly by social cases, focuses onthe present situation of civil consumption and major issues due to consumption.Secondly, through social-historical strategy, causes of hot occupation selection of civilservants were really become, then we find the mining causes most people expectedcategories apply for civil service and the effect they had expected. Also throughempirical interview content, shows the reality of civil service consumption, and beforethe selection and comparison of the expected. Finally, to explore the cause of socialbackground and historical reasons for this social reality, public expectations of civilservants and asked the civil service consumption had to be have system restriction. Inthe third part, based on the first second parts, in the empirical case, through theconstruction strategy of natural philosophy, their hypothesis, hypothesis of political manand the economic man hypothesis analysis assumes that the three kind of human nature,discusses the consumer behavior of young civil servants in nature belongs to logic andhierarchical logic. The fourth part combines the author’s personal experience and socialphenomenon, through the consumption of young civil servants and networkconstruction paper, drawing the sociological theory sociologists, to explore therelationship between logic and logic network image construction of civil servantsconsumption. The fifth part is a conclusion, I will conclude and come up with forwardsuggestions, also put forward the limitations of this study.

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