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Analysis on the status quo of physical education in Rural Primary School of Weifang City

Author: LiuHongJun
Tutor: SongGuangLin
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Sports
Keywords: Rural primary school in Weifang City Physical Education Teaching Investigation and analysis Quality Education
CLC: G623.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The face of international competition in the 21st century, China’s education hadno choice, by the one-sidedness of the examination-oriented education to acomprehensive quality education. Implementation of quality education in primaryschool physical education must focus on the development of the personality. Thatprimary school physical education is to enable students to master motor skills, andimprove athletic performance, demanding students to master the action, whileteaching the prevalence of one-sided and ignored the personality development of thesports teaching students in the examination-oriented education suppress the creativityof students. For example, in primary schools there is a single scarcity of physicaleducation textbook is not suitable for primary school students, age, personalitycharacteristics of the project, most of the teachers there is a lesson plans and a fewlessons, a textbook used by many grade. Primary school at the grassroots level, due tospace and equipment and poor lack of full-time high level of physical educationteachers, most schools there are the sheep teaching. This phenomenon is a seriousblow to the students’ interest in sports, and seriously affected the quality of PEteaching. National Education Conference held in 1985, the central governmentpromulgated the decision on the education system. In decided the quality of educationobjectives: to improve the quality of the people! Quality education in our country in2012 proposed to implement 27 years, Shandong Province is relatively early in theprovinces for the implementation of quality education. Population and economic cityof Weifang City, Shandong Province, it should go in front of the reform, the leader ofa good education reform. Weifang City in rural primary school physical education inthe quality of education carried out by how? From inside the city of Weifang City, theauthor randomly selected 16 rural primary schools to start, a lot of empiricalinvestigation, the use of questionnaires, interviews, literature, statistics, analysis,logical analysis method, analysis of Weifang Rural elementary physical education,and put forward countermeasures.This thesis is divided into five parts, the main part of the empirical survey analysis, the aim is to identify the root causes of constraints, Weifang City, ruralelementary school physical education teaching situation, this paper to investigate thefollowing aspects:1. rural primary school physical education teachers in Weifang City status quo.2.Weifang City, rural primary school physical education to carry out the status quo.3.Current Situation of Weifang City, rural primary school after-school sports.4. WeifangCity, rural primary school sports facilities.5. Weifang City, the rural primary schoolhealth education programs set up status quo.6. Students’ awareness of physicaleducation classes.Proposed countermeasures, and finally concluded as follows:1. Weifang City, rural primary school PE teachers lack of resources, leading tofull-time physical education teachers teaching task is too heavy, full-time physicaleducation teachers teaching more experienced.2. Weifang City, rural primary schoolPE teachers educated research capacity all day, the level is not high.3. Rural primaryschool in Weifang City, has been greatly improved compared to the period of physicaleducation teachers of professional ethics and examination-oriented education is nottight enough, but theory and practice, teaching programs and is divorced frompractice.4. Weifang City, rural primary school PE curriculum and administrativeclasses set more reasonable, and conducive to physical education teaching.5. Weifang City, rural primary school extra-curricular activities, saying the lack oforganizing and guiding the students have less than a predetermined requirements,extra-curricular competition to carry out the poor.6.Weifang City, rural primary schoolfunding, space, equipment to meet the growing demand not students.The recommendations are:1. To strengthen physical education teachers, the introduction of highlyeducated, high-levelsports the top students of the Normal University to establishinternship base to alleviatethe shortage of teachers.2. Strengthen the training andcontinuing education for physical education teachers toimprove their professionalskills and a theoretical level, the ability of research, creativework.3. Improve theboring lectures, and vigorously develop school-based curriculum, increasethe fun ofphysical education, attracting students take the initiative to participate in theexercise.4.Promote the meaning of the extra-curricular sports to change the erroneous view ofthetraditional extra-curricular sports, develop the habit of consciouslyexercise,extra-curricular sports competition rules and regulations to develop their ownconditions,and engage in more inter-school competitions, and actively create a goodatmosphere ofextracurricular sports5. The government has increased the financial allocation for elementary school physical education and school through multiplechannels to raise funds, physical education teachers to fully exploit the existing spaceand equipment to improve utilization.This paper is the author with a pragmatic attitude and want to make somecontribution to the home of sports the idea of starting to see the home qualityeducation, rural development status of physical education in Elementary physicaleducation progress in the quality of education, problem solved in time, in order to beable to contribute a little force to the home of sports.

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