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Contemporary operation and management of the British public school

Author: LiXiaoLi
Tutor: SunLiTian
School: Tianjin Normal University
Course: World History
Keywords: England Public School Gentleman Education Operating Mechanism Teacher Management Student Management
CLC: G639.561
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Public School is the oldest secondary schools in the United Kingdom, it has a long history and brilliant achievements, and very high status and prestige in the field of the UK and the world secondary education.This article mainly explores and analysis the characteristics of the Public School since the20th century, with its operation and management mechanisms. Through researching all aspects of Contemporary Public Schools’ operation and management.we can have a more comprehensive understanding to Public School, especially Contemporary Public School; and draw the British Public Schools’ experience in education,and provide an important reference value from both theoretical and practical aspects to the development of education in our country.This paper includes four parts:The first part is the origin and course of development of the Public School. Public School comes from the Medieval Grammar School of the England, is primarily a place of free education for poor children,since the17th century, Public School continued to "aristocratic",gradually became very expensive private school of nobility. First half of the19th centuryis a bleak period in Public School, after the first half of the19th century, the famous Public School reform, The mid-19th century to the early20th century is the better develepment of Public School, such as the promulgation of the" Public School Law "in1868, the establishment of the Rectors Conference in1869and other Public School Organizations Andgroups. Since the late20th century,the Public School made a series of adjustments and reforms to adapt to the times, which promoted a better develepment of Public School. From the founder of the first Public School to date, the Public School has always adhered to the educational tradition of the Gentleman of education features, and conforming to the requirements of the times, given Gentleman Education a new connotation, from the original Christian Gentleman Education to the modern Academic Gentleman Education. The second part is the operating mechanism of the Contemporary British Public School.Independence is the basic characteristics of operation mechanism of the Public School, Contemporary Public School continues to maintain this feature. The first is the Public School independent education delivery mechanism, which formed the independent Education System with public schools,and because having an independent source of funding, it can be exempted from the constraints of the Government to a large extent, in order to maintain a high degree of School Autonomy; The second is the Public School independent organizations and groups, such as Rectors’Conference, The Public School Board, School Board and so on, these organizations and groups, not only ensure the independence of the Public School in the entire British Education System, but also ensures that each public school operates independentlyThe third chapter is the teacher management of Contemporary British Public School. This chapter from the employment and management of teachers is to analysis of perfect Teacher management system of Contemporary British Public School.In the employment of teachers, Contemporary British Public School very attaches to background, qualifications and ability, and standard of recruitment of teachers is higher than the public schools; for the management of teachers, it has its own uniqueness and managements very strict in teacher treatment and teacher responsibilities.These two baking are also the important reasons of Contemporary British Public Schools to maintain the high-level faculty.Chapter IV is the student management of Contemporary British Public School. Contemporary British Public School students implements a full range of management integrated learning, living and recreational activities. the learning management of the Public School reflects in the curriculum, learning discipline, mentoring system and teaching conditions, with the goal focus of Public Education into culturing academic gentleman, Public School in the learning management reformed accordingly, such as more comprehensive and flexible curriculum, Increasing many subjects reflecting modern economic and social develepment,science and technology progress; teaching and learning conditions more complete and sophisticated; Public School students’ daily life management, mainly reflects in the unique boarding management, because it reflects a combination of the school Students self-managements and management of teachers, but also cultivates the capacity and quality of the students; extracurricular activities in Public Education is very important, which are required courses not included in the curriculum.

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