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The Research on Personnel Agent System in Universities and Colleges

Author: YaoXiaoLi
Tutor: WangFaQing
School: Henan University
Course: Business Administration
Keywords: University teachers and professors Personnel proxy reform of personnel system
CLC: G647
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Personnel agent system, personnel management system in a planned economy under theconditions of the gradual transition to market economy conditions generated by the new managementsystem, has the typical characteristics of the transitional period: Namely it has both the plan factors andmarket ones in the same public institution. It can have both the traditional and modern management, andthe two have the better organic integration. Since the system of the personnel agency is the new styleproduced under the market economy conditions, its essence is the personnel management and the personneluse and separation. This kind of mode breaks personnel and all confinement among the units fundamentally,strips the attached relationship between people and units, their purposes are to set up the talent’scompetitive mechanism inside the schools, to optimize the structure of talents’, to improve the benefit ofchoosing the right persons for the further implementation of full appointment system, to realize the shiftsfrom the fixed recruitment to the contract labor, from identity management to post management, from theplanning guidance to the market mechanism of management.Personnel agent system has been implemented in the national colleges and universities for severalyears and has achieved some success, and also has played an active role in promoting the universitypersonnel system reform. However, the impact of the traditional concept of personnel management is stilldeep-rooted, and the related security system not perfect, the agency not up to standard, the operatingmechanism also inconsistent enough and so on. The implementation of personnel agent system is difficultand slow in the national colleges and universities. How to better promote this work, to sum up the furtherimplementation of the personnel agency, to constantly improve the personnel agency’s legal system and social security system: First of all the personnel agencies are required to strictly enforce the policies andregulations in personnel management, to sum up the experiences and adhere to the philosophy in thepeople-oriented service, to broaden the scope of services gradually, to improve service quality, to perfectservice means, and thus to form the effective working mechanisms; all colleges and universities shouldimprove their own management and strengthen the propaganda in publicity and popularize the knowledge,so that we can have a thorough understanding of the content, objectives and significance of the personnelagency system, thereby enhancing the degree of recognition of the personnel agency towards personnelagency work, and their sense of competition and competitiveness in market economy conditions is able tobe enhanced.As the current personnel management system is set up under the planned economic system in ourcolleges and universities, and the analogy of the civil service management for the operation of a closedmanagement mode. Under the mode, the university teachers and professors can only be in but not out andcan only be promoted but not demoted on the duties, the salary can be raised but not be cut, so there are thelife-long positions between staffs and universities. The model not only causes the existing institutions ofthe universities bloated, overstaffing, excessive burden, but the limited educational resources are difficult tobe optimized, which can not form the good mechanism in competition among teachers and professors in thenational colleges and universities, and is unable to raise teachers’ initiative in teaching and research work.The management model not only dilute the legal status of colleges and universities, increase the economiccosts of the use and management of talents, but also affects the strategic planning goals of the universities,but also restricts the rational flow of educational personnel in our higher learning.With the changing times, after China’s reform and opening up to foreign countries under theinfluence of the market economy, the talent management of the higher education requires the socialization of human resources, the allocation of talent market-oriented personnel, the outsourcing of talentmanagement. In recent years, the implementation of the personnel agency system in China’s universitiesgradually establish a perfect and market economy to adapt to the flexible and new open personnelmanagement system, which has weakened the university teachers’ mark "identity management", andstrengthen the talent positions "job management", the ultimate goal is to separate the university teachers’"ownership" from "usufruct” and to initially realize the talent management market and social configuration.However, our current related mechanism of personnel agent system is not perfect, which causes the collegepersonnel agent system to encounter many problems in the implementation: If the propaganda is not inplace, the proxy objects under the ideological pressure; personnel agent unreasonable, the social securitysystem imperfect; the evaluation index of agency personnel unscientific, welfare incentive mechanismunsound; more personnel disputes in personnel agency and so forth, to resolve these problems also requiresa learning process, time course, practice and summarize it, the processes require our in-depth learning,continuous improvement, innovative practice, I believe that the operation of the personnel agency system incolleges and universities will be a good beginning and a successful end.Personnel agent system is an effective complement to the personnel management system, whichnot only has the open architecture, flexible features, but also has a good adaptability, and can continue toexpand their scope of application and forms, personnel can flow in the ordered reasonable way thanks tothe personnel agency system and open personnel management structure, but has also promoted thetransformation of universities from the traditional personnel management to human resources development,so our universities have the certain prospects of development in the personnel agency system in the future.The essay, based on Xinxiang College Institute for the study, the research findings for theevidence-informed survey of access to the system to study college personnel agent status, analyzes the root causes of the problems and issues of college personnel agency, and strive to put forward pragmaticprograms and measures to optimize the school human resources and enhance the level of the school ofhuman resource management, under the premise of how to maintain a stable, effective way to explore a"transitional phase" in order to further promote the reform of the university personnel system.

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