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The Designand Implementation of IPC Driverand Protocolsoftware for High-speed Datatransmission in Software Defined Radio Platform

Author: PuWen
Tutor: TangYouXi
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Software Defined Radio Platform High-speed Data Transmission PCIe DMA IPC
CLC: TN925
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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High-speed data transmission is one of the core functions of software defined radiohardware platform, determining the normal operation of the wireless communicationprotocols. How to improve the underlying data transfer rate is important to consider andalso is the difficulties of software defined radio platform designing.However, in the conventional data transmission design process, the upper softwaredevelopers often need to conduct an independent design of underlying data transportdriver on GPP (General Purpose Processor) and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) side anddata transfer interface logic on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) side, So thereare some drawbacks as following:(1) Increase the difficulty of development, and reduce the efficiency ofdevelopment. When using different types or structure of chips, you may need tore-design the driver or logical interface, in order to meet the demand for newapplications.(2) Reduce the generality of the software, and it is not conducive to migratebetween different platforms. It is difficult to port the software designed for aspecific hardware platform to other platforms.(3) Increase the degree of coupling between various software modules, and it is notconducive to debug. Due to the lack of the modular design concept, the entiresoftware is designed as a whole, so it is not conducive to the investigation ofthe problem when debugging.Therefore, this paper introduces the concept of inter-processor communication (IPC),solving the ease of use and generality of the data transmission. The implementation ofIPC data transmission protocol simplifies the design of data transmission between GPPand DSP, GPP and FPGA in software defined radio platform. The specific researchcontents of this paper include the following aspects:First of all, complete the platform underlying link driver in the Linux environment.Through the driver, it can achieve DSP and FPGA program loading, the CLK (Clock),ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), DAC (Digital To Analog Conventer) configuration,and simplify data transmission and other basic control functions.Secondly, research the key technology of high-speed DMA (Direct Memory Access)data transmission. It aims at PLX’s PCIe (Peripheral Component Interface Express)switch chip integrated DMA driver for transplant, rewrite and easy-to-use packaging.Thus, with the assistance of PCIe bus and DMA, the platform has a high-speed datatransmission capability.Thirdly, design the IPC data transmission protocol. The essence of this protocol is asoftware abstraction layer, which abstracts the data transmission channels between GPP and DSP, GPP and FPGA, providing a unified call interface to the application program.So it simplifies the upper software development, and improves the generality of theapplication program.Fourthly, test the key features of the platform link driver and IPC protocol. Throughthe testing, the GPP and DSP data read and write rate has separately reached up to65MB/s and205MB/s, GPP and FPGAdata read and write rate has separately reached upto358MB/s,386MB/s, basically meeting the needs of high-speed data transmission.And the IPC data transmission protocol has high execution efficiency up to a maxium of95%.This article aims at the high-speed data transmission in the software defined radiohardware platform, design and implement the IPC high-speed data transmissionprotocol between the main chips of the platform. The results of this study provide abasis for the upper layer development of the software defined radio platform. So that thedevelopers may not need to pay more attention to the implementation of underlying datatransmission interface, and focus on the design of the communication applications. Ithas strong practicality and universality.

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