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Research on GNSS Vulnerability Simulation and Assessment Platform Technology

Author: YanKai
Tutor: ZhanXingQun
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Aerospace engineering
Keywords: GNSS Vulnerability Barrage Jamming DeceptionJamming Ionospheric Delay RAIM Navigation Message
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has ability to provideglobal coverage, continuous, all-time work, and provide real-timepositioning, navigation and timing functions to receivers.With the GNSSwidely used in military security, national economy, daily life and almostall the other fields in the word, people generally rely on the GNSS servicesand the importance of GNSS gradually appears.Different applicationdemands different positioning performance in accuracy, such as for highprecision field of Surveying and mapping, positioning accuracy inmillimeter level is required, while in the vehicle navigation may only needthe accuracy in meter level.And in power system, communications,transport, financial services and other GNSS application areas,performance requirements are not all the same.However, as for thenavigation systems, the competition is fierce and urgent, only with highersystem performance, and more reliable guarantee ability and more perfectsystem service capacity, the system could stand in the future satellitepositioning application market.Since the birth of GNSS, it faces various threats of vulnerabilityfactors, including the constellation faults, impacts from the natureenvironment, the electromagnetic interference from human activity, and soon.The sources of the threats to the GNSS are extensive and complex, andthe threats will cause enormous influence to the system services.In this context, in order to ensure reliability and safety of the future satellitenavigation applications, it need do some researches systematically on theproblems of GNSS vulnerability, and demonstrate and assess impacts ofinterference factors.On the basis of the preliminary research of theNational High Techonology(863) project, the main purpose of this thesis isto analyze GNSS vulnerability systemtically, provide means to assess thevulnerability from the mechanism and build a platform to implementvulnerability simulation and evaluation, through theoretical analysis,simulation experiment and platform construction.The completed platform lays the foundation for the GNSSvulnerability monitoring, and provides authentication to the receiverdevelopment and anti-jamming technology. Finally it will assure qualityassessment research of our country’s BeiDou satellite navigation service.The primary research contributions and results are presented here:Combined with sources of GNSS vulnerability factors, acomprehensive analysis of the vulnerability forming mechanism ispresented considering the influence on the system condition. The GNSSvulnerabilities are divided into three categories: system vulnerability,propagation channel vulnerability and electromagnetic environmentvulnerability. System vulnerability involves the GNSS satellite signal fault,satellite clock failure and satellite message abnormalities. Propagationchannel vulnerability contains various electromagnetic phenomenons oftroposphere delay, ionosphere anomaly and multi-path, andelectromagnetic environment vulnerability means electromagneticinterference including unintentional and intentional interferenceinterference.A proposal of tools and algorithms used for vulnerability assessmentis introduced, and the role of the navigation message in the vulnerabilityassessment is stated in detail. This paper proves the sensitivity of theCarrier To Noise Ratio (C/No) to the electromagnetic interference andabnormal changes, and SAIM/RAIM algorithm are applied in vulnerability assessment. It alse includes the use of ionosphere delay experience modelsand the observation model to assess ionosphere abnormity. This articleadopts engineering experience from the European GAARDIAN project,that use the exclusive method to judge the source of the vulnerability ofvulnerability accurately, and evaluate its influence degree.Based on the analysis of vulnerabilities and the summary ofassessment methods, this paper designs a set of research platform thatcontains the functions of vulnerability simulation, impact assessment andtechnology validation. The sub modules are carried out, and assessmentmethod and process are put forward with experimental results stated in thispaper.

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