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Study on rapid rendering of large scale terrain

Author: ZengJie
Tutor: ChengJian
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Signal and Information Processing
Keywords: Large-scale terrain Data scheduling Level-of-Detail GPU
CLC: TP391.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Large-scale terrain rendering has been the hot spot in the study of computergraphics. Large-scale terrain rendering mainly involves two aspects of the work, one isthe effectively organization for original terrain data and dynamic scheduling, another isthe reasonable simplified of terrain model using LOD to reduce the rendering amount ofdata. With the development of photogrammetry and satellite remote sensing technology,the availability of topographic data resolution is getting higher and higher, followed bya sharp increase in the amount of data, resulting in the contradiction between thecomputer hardware of limited level and massive terrain data, it becomes very difficult toobtain satisfactory rendering efficiency for the large-scale terrain. The goal of this studyis to improve large-scale terrain efficiency, in view of the main problem of large scaleterrain rendering, and proposes the solution and the implementation scheme.First of all, in the analysis and research of the existing out-of-core technology, theoriginal terrain elevation data and texture data is organized in hierarchical blockprograms, in order to reduce the storage space of texture data and improve transmissionefficiency, texture data is compressioned. In real time, the terrain data in memory isdynamically managed, processing data scheduling and data rendering simultaneously bythe introduction of multithreading technology.Second, through the research of major terrain rendering algorithm, aiming at thefast calculating speed of the graphics hardware and large video memory capacity,drawing on classic data structures and terrain configuration network thinking of themainstream algorithm, a fast drawing algorithm of terrain rendering which adapt tographics hardware is designed, in the algorithm height map of terrain is loaded to thevideo memory as vertex texture, using fixed vertex buffer and index buffer, rendering inthe way of triangle strip, the crack and popping is very good to eliminate by introducinga transitional zone.Finally, in order to test and verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithmin this paper, a large-scale terrain rendering system is designed and implementation. The experimental results show that this scheme can effectively improve the efficiency ofdata scheduling, give full play to the GPU programmable ability and accelerationcapacity, reduce the burden of CPU operation, increase the number of triangles persecond rendering, give a high frame rate and improve the efficiency of large-scaleterrain rendering.

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