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Study on the opening of economic development of the western region

Author: LiuChuanYan
Tutor: YangQiuBao
School: The Central Party School
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: Western region Open economy Economic globalization Regional economic integration
CLC: F127
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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In the trend of economic globalization and regional economic integrationdevelopment, most countries in the world choose to open as a strategic choice topromote economic and social development. International economy and trade hascontinued to deepen, with increasingly strengthened economic ties between countriesall over the world. Since the reform and opening-up more than30years ago, China’seconomic and social development has made remarkable achievements, facing withunprecedented complex situations and challenges. During "the twelfth five-year" andeven a longer period, our country has been at the critical period of promoting theconstruction of a well-off society in an all-round way, at a crucial period of reformand opening up and the development transformation period of the open economy.Asthe important function part and the late-development areas of economic and socialdevelopment in our country, the development of western China is facing with higherdemands and challenges. To promote a strategy for a new round of westerndevelopment in2020, this article will research the development of open economy inthe western region in our country. Integrated using methods of experience summary,comparative analysis, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis and so on, Iresearched the development problem of the open economy in western China, in orderto provide some decision references for making the economic and social developmentstrategy of western region.The open economy development is the important aspect and component ofregional economic development. For the relatively backward regions, it is majorstrategy on the regional economic development. According to the article, the regionalopen economy development is the internal requirement and the external form ofexpression for market economy development. The establishment and perfection of themarket mechanism is a strong driving force to promote the development of regionalopen economy development. In view of the relationship with the development ofexport-oriented economy, the regional open economy development is something todeepen and upgrade the development of export-oriented economy. The developmentof regional open economy should be in the premise of opening, on the basis of market mechanism, try to be part of world economy and to play an active role in building anomni-directional, multilevel opening pattern combining internal and external.From objects of regional open economy, it mainly includes two levels, outsideand inside opening. This article forms the content of the open economy development,mainly from four dimensions, industrial system, financing system, trading system, andspace system which are discussed respectively. The choosing and the development ofindustry system are analyzed and discussed on the cluster theory, theory of factorendowments, economic geography, theory of labor division, industrial chain theoryand life cycle theory. Related problems about capital system of the regional openeconomy development are analyzed from the perspective of the basic concept ofcapital, mechanism to promote the economic development and the influence factors ofcapital flows. The construction of trade system in open economy is analyzed from theperspective of basic concept of trade, trade impact on the economic development andetc. At last, this article generalizes spatial system of open economy developmentfrom the evolution of regional spatialstructure and type, content of development ofregional open economy and the typical forms of open economy development.On the basis of building the content framework of open economy development,the paper focused research object and content on the western region, systematicallyreseaching development history and current situation of the the open economydevelopment of western regions, before and especially since the reform and openingup, and analyzed the development environment and external conditions. There aresimilarities to eastern areas from the overall situation of the open economydevelopment in western China, also following the mode of gradual development. Butthe level of the open economy development in western China has huge gap,comparedto eastern regions. Especially along with the weakening of traditional competitiveadvantage, the open economy development in western China has many problems andmuch insufficiency in the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, openingto inside and outside as a whole, independent innovation ability cultivation, ecologicaland environmental protection and etc. On the basis of such a comprehensive judgment,this article put forward the overall requirements of the open economy development inwestern China and pointed out that we should plan the development of open economyin the western region from a strategic view, paying attention to the initiative of theopen economy development, setting up solid industry development foundation, paying attention to the introduction and effective using of capital both at home andfrom abroad, optimizing the trade structure,"introducing" and "going out", tostrengthen ties with neighboring countries and to forge new ground in the openeconomy development in our country.Combined with the overall requirements of the open economy development inwestern China and content framework of development of open economy, the openeconomy in the western areas were studied in industry system, financing system,trading system and spatial system. Under the industrial development in the westernregional open economy, we should choose inside-and-outside market demand as theguidance, based on proper utilization of the rational resources, and choose appropriateindustries according to the western region characteristic as leading industries,especially industries with long industry chain, more links and more obviousassociated effects, to build an open industrial structure. At the same time, we shouldpay attention enough to the industrial safety under the condition of open economy.We should speed up the construction of capital system under the development of openeconomy in western China, expand the capital sources and channels, combine theintroduction and using of capital, the expansion of industry, adjustment of industrialstructure, optimizing the development platform and the ascension of the institutionalenvironment and deepen financial reform to form a strong support for the openeconomy development in western China. Promote optimization of trade structure inwestern region, market position and vitality of trade goods and services, and payattention to the platform construction of the free trade area, inland port and etc. toensure the realization of the sustainable development and long-term interests of trade.Plan space system at the height of the global strategy which was formed by growthpoles, economic belts, urban agglomerations and so on to provides a scientific andefficient space support for the western open economy development.The development of region open economy is dependent on the governmentpromoting and guarantee of policy. The development of the western open economy ison the basis of the market which plays a role of basic regulatory. While we should payattention to the government playing the role, accelerating the change of governmentfunction. Also, we should pay attention to the establishment and perfection of thepolicy support system such as financel, infrastructure, science and technology, talentand environment. The western open economy development is a major strategic issue related to the economic and social development for the west and even for China. Onthe basis of existing research, this paper made some innovative efforts, trying to buildoverall framework of regional open economy development. Besides, I did researchand analysis combined with the actual in west region, while it is primarily done atqualitative angle. Ans research has yet to be further deepened in the correspondingcase analysis and model prediction, etc.

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