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Study on Financial Support Policy Achievement Evaluation and System Structure in Manufacturing Process Innovation of China

Author: YaoZuo
Tutor: BiKeXin
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Manufacturing industry Process innovation Fiscal policy Policy performanceevaluation
CLC: F812.0
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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Development of manufacturing industry is more and more constrained by demanding ofnatural resource. Technology, especially key technology, is the core element of enterpriseprocess innovation and development, and is also important components of enterprisecompetitiveness. The key technology dependent on production technology is realmanifestation of enterprises manufacturing capacity. Process technology continuing toimprove and perfect is on key technical value of continuous mining and upgrading ofenterprises. Limit by resource bottlenecks, process innovation for enterprise has cost-savingfeatures to investment and production, providing a strong impetus for the development of thecompetitiveness of enterprises protection.This article, from an economic perspective, through the economic characteristics andmanufacturing process innovation diffusion effect analysis of influencing factors, on the basisof the analysis of technology innovation category and the use of cost analysis, focus onanalysis of operation mechanism of process innovation in Enterprise profit contribution andclear process innovation promote enterprise micro-economic foundation and nationalfinancial support for the development of macroeconomic characteristics.The technicalcharacteristics of source properties and diffusion model of process innovation havedistinguished from the other innovative forms of technology, a unique communication model.In the course of technology spread, every new technology is the technology innovationdiffusion a node in the network and each node is a technology source. Enterprise receivedsmall improvements to any of the new technology may become the source of other companiesaccess to new technology. This make process innovation can get through restrictiverequirements for technical equipment. Countries can support for key enterprise technologyinnovation activities, with the help of unique technology diffusion model to technologyinnovation, enable the manufacturing industry manufacturing capacity to enhance andstrengthen the international competitiveness of China’s manufacturing enterprises.Developed manufacturing industries in promoting grow new technology innovationprocess, States carry out a variety of incentives to encourage enterprises to engage intechnology innovation and policy activities. This article respectively investigate developedmanufacturing technology innovation development path, and way, and level, and effective offinancial policy tools for national conditions, such as the United States, and Japan, andGermany; while, also investigate India and Brazil for representative of developing countries manufacturing technology innovation of development status and using financial policy toolspromoting technology innovation development of measures. This article expects through oncharacteristics of financial policy tools using situation of comparison, and provides mayreference of experience for in China manufacturing technology innovation of development.The development process innovation follows certain rules and path. In order to promotemanufacturing process innovation to develop well and quickly, national fiscal policy supportis necessary, and should follow the laws and the development path of process innovation.Therefore, this article one by one to investigate national financial technology policy, taxpolicy, Government procurement policy and venture capital policy promoting manufacturingtechnology innovation development of role model and mechanism, and further researchesChina manufacturing technology innovation financial support policy system. Throughclassification research on internal elements and external environment of manufacturingtechnology innovation financial support policy system, this article determines manufacturingprocess innovation financial support policy system of main function and role.Manufacturing process innovation performance evaluation of financial supporting policysystem to play a good role in promoting technology innovation policies of financial supporthas played an important role in monitoring and incentive. This article in determines financialpolicy performance evaluation purpose, and principles and indicators system select standardof Foundation Shang, established has financial support policy performance evaluation system,and made has manufacturing technology innovation financial support policy performanceevaluation model, turn for has technology innovation financial policy performance evaluationof empirical research, while made has in China optimization manufacturing technologyinnovation financial support policy of measures, clear national on technology innovationfinancial support path of select to meet national of manufacturing enterprise actualdevelopment level, Also taking into account the country’s economic development strategicobjectives.

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