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A Study on Fiscal Policy of Food Security in China

Author: XuDan
Tutor: YangLin
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Finance
Keywords: Food Security Quantitative Security Quality Security Ecological Security Fiscal Policy
CLC: F812.0
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Nowadays,food security, energy security, and financial security are called thethree economic security in the world. China is a country of a population of1.3billion,in time of accelerating industrialization and urbanization, therefore,ensuring foodsecurity is not only the basic conditions to achieve sound and rapid development ofthe national economy, an important guarantee to promote social stability and harmony,but also the strategic foundation to ensure the national security.The issue of food security has always been related to the national economy andpeople’s livelihood, the issue of food security is undoubtedly belongs to the FinanceResearch areas, therefore, analysis the fiscal policy of food security, and offer adviceto ensure food security from the perspective of the public finance, as researchobjective is based on fully.Review research literature on the issue of food security at home and abroad, tryto divide food security into the quantitative security, quality security, and ecologicalsecurity. Among them, the quantitative security is the state that a unit area (national,regional, or family) guarantee accessing sufficient quantities of food to meet theirbasic needs of survival; quality security is the state that a unit area guaranteeaccessing consuming nutrient-rich, health and safety food from the production orsupply, in order to meet the needs of their normal physiological and psychological;ecological security is the phenomenon that in the range of a country or a certainregion, avoid the deterioration of the ecological environment due to the foodproduction, or a drop in grain production due to adverse ecological environment.The full text can be divided into four parts:Firstly, trace the theory on food security at home and abroad to establish thetheoretical cornerstone of the full text. Based on the connotation, characteristics,inherent requirement of food security, find out the theory of fiscal support foodsecurity: public goods theory, externalities theory, market failure theory, comparativeadvantage and trap, unbalanced growth theory.Secondly, analysis the current situation of China’s food security, to learn theperformance of China’s food insecurity: sustainable food supply problems, foodquality issues, food ecological insecurity. And point out the impact of China’s foodsecurity factors from the quantity, quality, ecological aspect, then using factor analysis method to analysis the impact degree of each factor.Thirdly, review fiscal policy on food security over the years, clear the specificcontent of the fiscal policies of the current food security, and take the dataenvelopment analysis (DEA) method to measure the efficiency of the fiscal policy ofthe current food security, pursuant to which, come to reasons of non-efficiency: totalfiscal expenditure is unreasonable, irrational structure of fiscal expenditure, lack ofcontinuity of financial supervision.And finally, from the perspective of the public finance, improvement measures ofthe fiscal policy should be taken to protect food security: the fiscal policy of foodquantitative security-fiscal support for farmland protection policy, fiscal support forthe construction of major grain producing areas, fiscal support for infrastructureconstruction of irrigation and water conservancy; the fiscal policy of food qualitysecurity-fiscal support for the promotion of quality seed and technical, fiscal supportfor the flow of grain storage and transportation; the fiscal policy of food ecologicalsecurity-fiscal support for improving the ecological environment monitoring tocontrol agricultural non-point source pollution, fiscal support for establishing strictenvironmental protection standards to prevention and control industrial pollutioneffectively, fiscal support for advancing sand control and forestation project to do agood job in the management of desert land, fiscal support for the renovation andexpansion of farmland shelterbelts to build forestry ecological barrier, fiscal supportfor scientific pest control to strict protection of forest resources.

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