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AIN Film Growth and X-ray Detection

Author: WangXinJian
Tutor: SongHang
School: Graduate Schoo,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Course: Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords: AlN DC-reactive magnetron sputtering LP-MOVPE Thermaldiffusion X-ray detection
CLC: O484.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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AIN material is one of important Ⅲ-Ⅴ compound semiconductors. Compared with other semiconductors, AIN has a number of outstanding physical and chemical properties. AIN, a direct transition type semiconductor with a wurtzite crystalline structure, has high thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, high breakdown voltage, high longitude sound velocity, and simiar lattice constant and thermal expansion coefficient with the GaN, resulting in potential applications in GaN film growth, light emitting diodes and detectors at the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region, radiation detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, and the package of high temperature and high power electronic devices. Around these potential applications of AIN, the work concerning growth, doping and device are done for AIN film in this paper, and the major contents of studies and results are listed as follows:1.Growth of preferentially orientated AIN films by reactive magnetron sputtering at room temperature. The AIN films are grown on sapphire substrates by direct current reactive magnetron sputtering at room temperature, and the effects of experimental parameters on the AIN film growth are studied. The results clearly show that the lower working pressure, shorter substrate-to-targets distance and appropriate N2pressure are favor to the growth of the (002) preferentially orientated AIN films.2. The effects of nitrided sapphire substrate on the growth of preferentially orientated AIN films by reactive magnetron sputtering at room temperature. The roles of nitrided sapphire substrate on the preferential orientation of AIN film. The results clearly show that the nitridation of sapphire substrate can not only improve the film quality but also reduce the residual stress, and it has no effects on the surface roughness and optical properties of AIN films. 3. The growth of single crystal AlN films by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy. The single crystal AlN films with low temperature AlN buffer layers are grown on sapphire substrates by low pressure metal organic vapor phase epitaxy at high temperature, and the effects of AlN buffer layers on the growth of the AlN film are studied. The results show that the AlN buffer layers can promote the transform of growth mode from the three dimention island growth to the two dimention layer growth, resulting in the decrease of dislocation density and the significent improvement of crystal quality for the single crystal AlN films.4. The exploration of AlN films doping by Si thermal diffusion. The AlN films grown by low pressure metal organic vapor phase epitaxy are doped by Si thermal diffusion using Si and SiNx films as diffusion source, and the roles of Si doping on the electrical properties of AlN films. The results suggest that the SiNx as the diffusion source is conducive to the diffusion of Si into the AlN films,and the Si thermal diffusion can significantly improve the electrical properties of AlN films. The electrical properties of unintentionally doped AlN film are dominated by the residual Vn3+, and the activation energies of Vn3+and Si are about1.03eV and0.45eV, respectively.5. The feasibility of AlN photoconductors for X-ray detection. The AlN photoconductors for X-ray detection are fabricated by using single crystal AlN films. The results clearly show that the photoconductor has very low leakage current less than0.1nA at applied voltage of100V in the absence of X-ray irradiation. Its photocurrent increases nonlinearly with an increase of X-ray intensity, and under relatively high X-ray intensity the photocurrent can reach the value one order of magnitude larger than the dark current when a voltage of100V is applied across it. Using the ABC model the direct recombination is found to dominate the carrier recombination in the AlN photoconductor.

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