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Space Mutation of High Efficiency Degradation Bacterium of Potato Residue and Study on Solid State Fermentation

Author: MaCheng
Tutor: AnJianPing
School: Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Course: Microbiology
Keywords: Potato Residue Space mutation Factorial experiment PB test
CLC: Q939.97
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The potato is the world’s major grain and economic crops, our country is the big country of potato production in the world. Potato starch is one of the main products of starch processing industry in the northwest region, and have rich resources, annual, production of starch to produce one million tons of starch residue. The main composition of potato residue is water, cell debris, residual starch granules. Due to the starch processing craft improvement, waste residues in the protein content is extremely low, and the crude fiber content is high, poor feeding effect, utilization rate is low, very few ingredients animal can absorb use. And due to the residual water content is high, the storage is inconvenience, and easy to mildew deterioration, cause environmental pollution. Therefore, to seek a safe and reasonable development and utilization of potato slag technology, have great significance for the development of potato residue resources in our country.Space mutation is a new way of microbial mutation breeding. Space mutation breeding by microbes can improve the growth of microorganisms traits, increase production of secondary metabolites and creating new varieties. Space mutation can improved microbial fermentation characteristics of significantly, and have obtain breeding ground is hard to get by the mutant strain. Variation in large amplitude, high frequency, and the genetic stability is good. Provides a new way for microbial mutation breeding. With the technology deepening of the research, the space mutation breeding in the process of microbial will breeding more good strains, and create more economic value and social value.The research by Trichoderma koningii40144and Aspergillus awamori40499as the starting strain, using the "shenzhou eight" space carrying on the space mutation. Through the transparent circle method and DNS method to detect mutation strains producing enzyme activity, screening the strains of high-yield cellulase and high-yield pectinase. Will get used to strain out the process for production of potato residue bacteria protein, through factor experiment and plakett-burman experiment, determines the factors of influence significantly.The experimental results showed that two strains are obtained by screening, respectively is cellulase high-yield strains HK43-5and pectinase high-yield strains HP39-1. Enzyme activity is starting strain increased1.98and1.24times respectively. In Aspergillus awamori, enzyme activity is higher compared with the Quan GuiJing through fermentation optimization of pectic enzyme activity. And compared with using aspergillus Niger producing pectinase enzyme activity is low, but the domestic use of Aspergillus awamori pectinase production has not yet been reported. In Trichoderma koningii, breeding HK43-5of cellulose enzyme activity is low, compared to the enzyme activity of Li Subo reports, but the mutagenic efficiency is higher.By PB test model, the influence factors for the urea, water content, pH, candida yeast inoculation time and saccharifying bacteria inoculation amount. The urea content must be proportional to the crude protein content, cannot serve as influencing factors, and water content can be calculated by the model. So the resulting influence factors as pH, candida yeast inoculation time and saccharifying bacteria inoculation amount. Solid state fermentation production of protein feed on potato slag process, domestic researchers did a lot of work. Test to get the impact factor and the Zhao Fengmin and Yang Xijuan, people get the influence of factors such as urea, fermentation strains inoculation amount for impact factor, but there is no water content, pH and time. In addition, the use of this technology to produce potato slag bacteria protein crude protein content is better than the domestic similar research.

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