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Research on Theory and Method of Thematic Map Intelligent Frame Designing

Author: MaJun
Tutor: WangGuangXia
School: PLA Information Engineering University
Course: Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
Keywords: Knowledge Base Strategy Knowledge Description Knowledge Control Knowledge Scene Knowledge Chain Knowledge Granularity Tree-Structured Knowledge Hybrid Representation Visual Gravity Moment Visual Balance Model
CLC: P285
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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The research of map intelligent producing theory and method is promoted with the deepresearch of the basic cartography, the research of the concept and theory in network cartography,and supported by the techniques of the internet of things, cloud computing, grid computing andsome other new information techniques. The thematic map intelligent designing is the key nodeof realizing the map intelligent producing. The article has done systemic and deep research forthis theme in the research of theory frame of thematic map intelligent designing, the knowledgeacquiring model and knowledge representation model of the thematic map domain, the concept,frame, model, and function modules of the thematic map master planning. The main work andfruit of this article is as follows.1. Summarizing and analyzing the way, principle, function, excellence and defect ofthematic map designing at present, then the basic train of researching thoughts is decided. That isthe recent theory and technique fruit of intelligent research fusing in thematic map designing, sothe theory frame of thematic map intelligent designing is brought forward based on thecharacteristic and function of thematic map designing. The frame is driven by function, towed byknowledge base, supported by geography information assorting and classification, based bygeography information database and other department database, bolstered by technique ofknowledge acquiring, knowledge expressing, intelligent format designing, and the aim of theframe is to achieve the user’s high satisfying degree, having some intelligence and highefficiency to design and produce thematic map. The research of thematic map intelligentdesigning theory frame includes the concepts of knowledge, knowledge base, scene andknowledge chain confirming, introduction of template theory, rule base theory, and knowledgebase theory, introduction of the main frame of thematic map intelligent designing and relatedfunction modules.2. The model of knowledge acquiring is constructed in thematic map designing domainusing scene theory based on XML, and the model is testified by knowledge acquiring experiment.First the knowledge acquiring content and need by analyzing the flow of thematic map designingin the thematic map designing domain. Second, by summing-up the common knowledgeacquiring methods and analyzing the result of knowledge acquiring in thematic map designingdomain, the result is that the common knowledge acquiring methods can not satisfy the need ofthematic map designing domain. Third the method of using the scene to acquire thetree-structured knowledge is brought forward, and the process of using this method to acquire thethematic map domain knowledge is expatiated. Fourth, the result which the module can’t satisfy the need of thematic map designing domain is gotten by designing the tree-structured expressionmethod knowledge acquiring module and using the module in knowledge acquiring experiment.At last, the result that the method of using the scene to acquire the tree-structured knowledge byXML can satisfy the need of thematic map design domain by knowledge acquiring experiment.3. The module of knowledge representation is brought forward using Hybrid representationmethod based on XML. The content of this chapter is as follows. First, the demand of knowledgerepresentation in the thematic map designing domain is defined. Second, the excellence anddefect of the normal knowledge representation method is summing up and analyzing, and theexcellence and feasibility of knowledge representation based on XML. Third, the Hybridrepresentation is brought forward, and the module of Hybrid representation based on XML isdesigned. At last the knowledge representation experiments of map projection and map scale aredesigned, the result that the module can satisfy the demand of knowledge representation inthematic map designing domain is gotten.4. The designing process of the knowledge acquiring module and knowledge representationmodule in thematic map intelligent master designing and the intelligent master designing processof thematic map which gotten by knowledge decision supporting and many kinds of modulesrelated bolstering is expatiated detailed. So, the rationality of thematic map intelligent designingframe and the method of the related modules designing is testified. First, the concept and thecontent of thematic map intelligent designing is defined, and the frame of thematic mapintelligent master designing is expatiated detailed. Second, the modules designing process ofmath foundation computation modules, map layout modules and intelligent master designingfactor relation module is expatiated detailed, and the modules are testified. Third, differentfunction modules are set in thematic map designing based on different part realizing differentfunction. The function and application of these function modules is expatiated detailed based onexample of China administrative map designing.

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