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Early Paleozoic Crustal Anatexis and Its Geologic Implications in the Yunkai Area, Cathaysia Block

Author: WangDan
Tutor: ZhengJianPing
School: China University of Geosciences
Course: Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords: crustal anatexis early Paleozoic South China charnockite
CLC: P548
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Early Paleozoic amphibolite-to granulite-facies metamorphism, crustal anatexis and coeval magmatism are extensively developed in the Wuyi-Yunkai intraplate orogen in the South China block. However, the exact timing of granulite-facies partial melting and its link with orogenesis have not been well constrained. In this study, the charnockites, gneissic migmatites and Al-rich gneisses (Grt-Sil-Bt gneiss and Bt-Pl gneiss) from the Gaozhou Complex of the Yunkai uplift in the Cathaysia block were selected for analysis of whole-rock major elements and zircon U-Pb dating, trace elements and Lu-Hf isotopes.The Gaozhou Complex experienced early Paleozoic regional high-temperature (up to85O℃), low-to medium-pressure (4-7kbar) metamorphism accompanied by crustal anatexis. The melts were produced through the dehydration of mica, such as biotite+quartz+plagioclase=orthopyroxene+K-feldspar+melt and biotite+quartz+plagioclase+sillimanite=garnet+K-feldspar+melt in the charnockites, and muscovite+quartz+plagioclase=sillimanite+K-feldspar+melt in the Grt-Sil-Bt gneisses.The charnockites, gneissic migmatites and gneisses are felsic with SiO2>64%and peraluminous with A/CNK>1.0, reflecting protoliths with affinities to sedimentary rocks. Zircons from these rocks partly show clear core-rim structure and yield concordant ages mainly around440-425Ma, with minor groups at2.8-2.4Ga,1.5-1.25Ga,1.2-0.9Ga,850-540Ma and460-450Ma. The440-425Ma grains are euhedral, oscillatorily-zoned and have steep slopes from the LREE to the HREE with a positive Ce anomaly and clear negative Eu anomaly, suggesting they (re-) crystallized in the melts. These early Paleozoic zircons have negative εHf (t)(-34.1to-1.5) and much older TCRUST (3.6-1.5Ga), demonstrating they were formed by re-melting of old crustal materials (>1.5Ga). The zircons with ages of2.8-2.4Ga,1.6-1.2Ga and1.2-0.9Ga have relatively high εnf (t) values (up to+10.2~+15.2). The850-540Ma zircons show variable εHf (t) values of+9.0to-24.0with TDM (depleted mantle Hf model ages)=2.2-1.0Ga and TCRUST (crustal Hf model ages)=3.1-1.1Ga.Combined with the published data, we suggest that the Cathaysia block contains Archean materials as old as3.6Ga and has had a complex evolution, including the addition of juvenile materials at ca2.7Ga,1.6-1.2Ga and1.2-0.9Ga. Reworking of old crustal components dominated at ca850-750Ma,750-540Ma,460-450Ma and more intensively at ca440-425Ma. Synthesizing the obtained results, we argue that the Yunkai charnockites, gneissic migmatites and Bt-P1gneisses were formed due to the early Paleozoic high-T crustal anatexis, which may trigger by crustal shortening and thickening during the intraplate Wuyi-Yunkai orogeny in the South China block.

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