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Structure of the Tan-lu Fault Zone and Impact Carried Minerals

Author: WangChao
Tutor: LiuGuoSheng
School: Hefei University of Technology
Course: Structural Geology
Keywords: Tan-Lu fault zone Jiao-jia fault Zircon U-Pb dating characterstic ofgeochemistry tectonic dominating mineral
CLC: P542
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Jiao-Jia fault zone is an important branch of the Tan-Lu fault zone and one of themost important areas of three gold metallogenic belts in Jiaodong area as well. Thefault is in control of more than1/3deposits which has been found in Jiaodongarea.The studied of this area is foucs on analysis and discussion of metallogeny,metallogenic fluid migration, dynamic mechanism of deposit scale, systematic,butthey were not attention to Jiaojia fault tectonic, magmatic metallogenic belt, ore etc..In view of this,we systematic collection and summary predecessors on the basis ofthe information in the region tectonic, magmatic rocks and mineral research,diagenesis and mineralization theory is constructed as a guide, to carry out theresearch work.Then we have achieved the following results:Through to survey on field and downhole,then we investigate to characteristicsof geometry, kinematics, dynamics in Jiaojia area,and put forward to the fault hasbeen experience three tectonic evolution,such as early sinistral strike-slip, themid-stretch off and late thrust squeeze.Then we test on the main fault zone to LA-IPC-MS zircon U-Pb dating ofmagmatic rocks,and have got the fault zone magmatic rocks age in126-132MA.At thesame time we compare the result with others’,which not only define the coke stretchto break of age,also showed the fracture control of magmatic rocks.By means of the major and trace geochemical data, it shows that the magmaticrocks is K calc-alkaline strongly peraluminous granites. Trace element analysis ofmagma enriched LREE and deficit HREE.The magma rising assimilation K-feldsparin wall rock. The type of the source plasma is shell and crust-mantle mixing twotypes of coexistence.By way to compare the ore-bearing granite and excludingmineral granite,we found tectonic activity effect the distribution of elements aboutgold mineralization. The basis of researchment, we have the law of fracture ore-controlling in Jiaojiafault,and build on constructed signs of fault zone mineralization,such as the place oforientation and tendency has been changed such as the area from slow to sweepingand steep to gentle,the intersection of main faults and secondary faults, a part of thefault activity several times

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