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Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of Vanadium Titano-magnetite Deposits in Hongge, Sichuan

Author: ZhaoWei
Tutor: LiYouGuo
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: Vanadium titano-magnetite Geochemical characteristics Hongge inSichuan
CLC: P618.31
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The vanadium titano-magnetite deposits in Hongge beds in Panzhihua vanadiumtitanium magnetite-Xichang iron ore belt, which is typical of the "Panzhihua " styleiron ore deposits, iron ore is an important supply base. Deposits and mafic-ultramafic intrusions are closely related orebodies exist among rock ore. Spread orerock by rock strict Xigeda western north-south faults zone control, a generallynorth-south trending. The ore-bearing rock was also accompanied by the productionof a large number of Permian Emeishan basalt magmatic evolution of the twohomologous phase of the product. This paper mainly analyzed the mineral structurefeatures, ore body and ore intrusive body space form, rock geochemical characteristicsof ore are in the study area, mainly made the following understanding:All rock in Hongge area has obvious facies zonality cyclicity and rhythmcharacteristics, from top to bottom is divided into three facies belts and four class IIrhythm cycle: throws fai intermediated-acidic facies (argument), pyroxenite facies(phi) and gabbro intermediated-acidic facies (sigma phi), central fai Shi Yanyanfacies (phi) was further divided into fluctuation two rhythm cycle. First I, II and IIIof the start of the cycle to heap peridot crystal appeared marked, turning the IV,appears in the form of apatite.By observing the mine ore body and ore intrusive mass space position relations,concluded that it all in main emplacement magmatic eruption or order early to latefor again: basalt→gabbro→syenite and peridotite, pyroxenite (peridotite andpyroxenite type iron ore)→syenite→diabasic dike→granite.Emeishan basalt in the mine, mafic-mafic intrusive rocks and trace elementsand rare earth element distribution characteristics of iron ore has the very goodsimilarity, reflects its cognate magma evolution of some of the characteristics of thelisted products. At the same time, the area of emeishan basalt, mafic-mafic intrusive rock (La/Sm) N ratio in the range of1.56~4.86,1.04~1.56, respectively, weregreater than1, shows that the causes of the plume characteristics.There may be two kinds of iron ore deposit types:(1) deep iron separation type:stratified and lens shaped output, ore body and surrounding rock is abrupt contactrelations, characteristics of ore grade is high, with a variety of trace elements, the Cocontent greater than0.01%, mostly sideronitic structure of thick ore, commondensity lump ore.(2) alien: crystal points represented by layered ore bodies, orestructure is given priority to with sparse, dense disseminated ores, iron grade is low,Co content is often less than0.01%, the ore body and wall rock are gradienttransition or pulsation intrusive contact relationship, ore body size is bigger.The emeishan basalt of Hongge area compared with no vanadium titaniummagnetite ore deposit distribution area (such as Yanyuan in Sichuan), includingelements such as Fe, V, Ti are loss phenomenon, especially in Fe、V content, themost obvious Fe content is generally low1%~2%, show that the formation of theiron ore deposit is related to the differential evolution of the deep magma chamber. Itall region of emeishan basalts area there are multi-stage magma chamber, such as,white grass, ma on shan, north ore block, it all it all mining area south ore blockmining area are different magma chamber product of magma evolution, orebodyspatial orientation and form have obvious difference. Surface of stripped miningintrusion is currently located in the upper part of the magma chamber intrusive facies,implies deep magma chamber, is the second prospecting space.

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