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Study on the Interaction between SSBR and Silica

Author: WangXiaoYing
Tutor: ZhaoShuGao
School: Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Course: Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords: SSBR structure parameter filler network interaction basicproperties
CLC: TQ330.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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To charge oil-filled solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR)5025-2, new environment-friendly oil-filled SSBR72612S and SSBR2564S as well as silica175GR/1165MP for the main research object, the project firstly analysed the microscopic structures of the three SSBR molecules and the correlation between that and macroscopic properties, such as physical properties and dynamic mechanical properties of the rubber filled with silica, and then discussed the interaction between silica175GR/1165MP and SSBR, and explored the effect of silica1165MP network structure on the macroscopic properties of rubber, finally, around the rubber mixing processes such as the mixer rotor speed, initial temperature, piecewise mixing and feed sequence, the paper systematically investigated the effect of these parameters on the reinforcing effect and the interaction between silica1165MP and SSBR5025-2、 SSBR72612S or SSBR2564S.The results of the correlation between microscopic structures and macroscopic properties showed:the high molecular weight、 narrow distribution and the chain end of Si-coupled of SSBR72612S, these structures, reduced the silica network level, but enhanced the silica-SSBR72612S interaction, therefore the physical and mechanical properties and dynamic mechanical properties of it were improved. SSBR72612S reinforced with silica175GR/1165MP possessed the best consolidated balance among wet traction、 rolling resistance and abrasion resistance, while SSBR5025-2reinforced with silica possessed the worst one.The results of the interaction between silica and SSBR showed:RPA strain scanning analysis showed that under the conditions of this study, the ΔG’of silica175GR reinforcing SSBR was smaller than that of silica1165MP reinforcing SSBR, and silica175GR dispersion in SSBR was better, and this also showed that the bonding between silica175GR and SSBR was stronger but Payne effect was weaker, and the rubber-silica175GR/1165MP interaction was strongest in SSBR72612S system, and silica network was strongest but filler-rubber interaction was worst in SSBR5025-2system.1H-NMR relaxation time t21further indicated that the interfacial interaction of SSBR72612S-silica175GR was stronger.The results of the correlation between silica amount and properties showed:with the increase of silica1165MP amount, the mechanical properties of the vulcanizates were enhanced, but the wear resistance had an optimal value, and DMTS results showed that the wet skid resistance decreased and rolling resistance increased. RPA strain scanning results showed Payne effect of rubber had little difference when the silica1165MP content was less than40phr, while Payne effect of rubber increased when the amount more than40phr.The results of the correlation between mixing processes and properties showed: with the increase of the mixer rotor speed, RPA strain scanning showed that G’value and (G’0-G’100%) of rubber decreased; when the mixing temperature increased from50℃to80℃, physical mechanical properties and dynamic mechanical properties of rubber were better, RPA strain scanning results showed G’value and (G’0-G’100%) reduced, in which SSBR72612S was the most obvious decline; after two steps mixing in mixer machine, the tensile strength increased, and the300%and100%modulus ratio became larger, and wet traction became better and rolling resistance almost unchanged, RPA strain scanning showed G’value of vulcanizates decreased,(G’0G’100&%) of that was a reduced trend; when accelerator DPG was added in mixer stage, RPA strain scanning results showed that G’value and (G’0-G100%) of SSBR5025-2and SSBR2564S compounds decreased, but that of SSBR72612S compound increased, while the G’value and (G’0-G’100%) of vulcanizates increased, and the (G’0-G’100%) of SSBR72612S vulcanizate was the minimum.

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