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Research on the Coal Swelling Mechanism of the East of Junggar's Coal of Xinjiang and the Preparation of Fine COWM

Author: ZhangXun
Tutor: CaiHuiWu
School: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: the preparation of fine COWM the east of Junggar’s coal diesel swelling viscosity dispersing agent
CLC: TQ530
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The coal resources of the east of Junggar coalfield is estimated (390billion tons)accounted for17.8%of the total reserves in Xinjiang (2.19trillion tons), accounting for7.2%of the national coal reserves (5.56trillion tons). Coal-based, long-flame coal caking coal andweakly caking coal is the country’s largest integrated coalfield. The coal in Junggar of Eastcoalfield mostly is characterized in low ash and water content, high volatile matter yield, lowsulfur, low phosphorus and low chlorine content by, it is an alternative fuel and is suitable forthe preparation of ceramic kiln and glass furnace fine COWM.This thesis is mainly base on the research about the east of Junggar’s coal as rawmaterials, in three different solvent (Tetrahydronaphthalene, N-Methyl pyrrolidone and Diesel)in the swelling experiment, the coal and the solvent ratio of swelling time, temperature,solvent, swelling etc. and derive the swelling kinetic equation. The east of Junggar’s coal asraw materials, with a dry preparation of fine COWM particle size distribution, type ofdispersant, the dispersant metering and water, diesel, coal mass ratio and other factors fineCOWM viscosity. Complex with different ranks of coal after pulping through research the eastof Junggar’s coal investigated the impact of the degree of metamorphism fine COWMviscosity. Finally, researched microwave modified fine COWM, and explored the laws ofmicrowave power and fine COWM viscosity. I got following conclusions:In the swelling experiment, swelling ratio of the N-methyl pyrrolidone system is higherthan the swelling ratio of the Tetrahydronaphthalene system. Coal: solvent is1:6, the swellingrate of each system, the order of size of the degree of swelling is N-Methyl pyrrolidone system>Tetrahydronaphthalene system Diesel system. The swelling time of6h, the three systems thedegree of swelling, the maximum size of the order of the degree of swelling is: N-Methylpyrrolidone system> the Diesel system> Tetrahydronaphthalene system. Degree of swelling ofthe coal in the above solvents, with the elevated temperature increases to75℃after theinflection point, N-Methyl pyrrolidone system and Tetrahydronaphthalene system degree of swelling started to decline, a degree of swelling of the coal and diesel system always decreasesas the temperature rises. The strong hydrongen bonding of the coal macromolecules is brokenby the polar solvent NMP, therefore the degree larger of swelling of the coal.In the swelling mechanism comparative experiments, the experimental temperature iswithin a range of20℃~80℃, the temperature has little influence on the degree of swelling,the equilibrium degree of swelling of the coal in diesel approximately1.139. Adsorption thethe swelling method Suuberg swelling Law aligned east coal swelling behavior were analyzedand compared deduced second-order kinetic equation isdxdt=K(1QSx)(1x) for theadsorption swelling method, the activation energy of the kinetic equation is1.105kJ/mol.Swelling adsorption method can be a good description of the swelling behavior of pulverizedcoal.Orthogonal experiment and single factor experiments to optimize the preparation of fineCOWM process parameters: dispersant Tween80for1.3g water30g the diesel35mL and42.5g the east of Junggar’s coal (d50for6.26um pulverized coal and d50for35.1umpulverized coal mass ratio of8:2). Prepared under optimal conditions, the fine COWMviscosity is217mPa·s. COWM concentration is42.1%, in line with the national coal slurrytechnical conditions the apparent viscosity of coal slurry below60℃.In the Blending pulping experiments, with low-rank coals into the overall apparentviscosity than high rank coals. High rank coal blending pulping process, when high-rank coalsat9:1with into Huangling coal better than Sihe coal, the Sihe coal is superior to the otherratios Huangling coal. With the high degree of metamorphism of coal and low-rank coals, theapparent viscosity values are greater than the value of the pulp and apparent viscosity the eastof Junggar’s coal under optimal conditions.In the Microwave modification experiments, when the radiated power is400W, thepreparation of the coal slurry apparent viscosity minimum of396mPa·s. The reason is that,400W former coal inherent moisture content is high, reducing the amount of water flowingmedium role, resulting in a high viscosity prepared fine COWM;400W coal pore structurebecomes large, water-absorption capacity enhanced, leading to the lubrication betweenparticles the performance decreases, and slurry viscosity of COWM increases.

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