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Study on the Female Prisoners ’ Ideological Education

Author: FanBingMei
Tutor: LeiTang
School: Hebei Normal
Course: Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: female prisoners thought education criminal male prisoners talking individually education
CLC: D926.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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With the surging tide of market economy of socialism, in the fast-changing societies, female crime have emerged some new features: growing diversity of types of crime, criminal means increasingly cunning and concealment, the increasing numbers of crime, property crime, sex crimes, violent crime has increased, the internationalization tendency is day by day obvious. At present, China’s female criminals around 10% per cent of total crimes, and in the next few years, female crime rates will continue to rise. Prison can do some contribution in this aspect, can only improve the quality of education and reform women prisoners, reducing crime rates again. So how does ideological education function on female prisoners and to promote their positive reception of renovation, to improve the cultural level, to strengthen the sense of law, to become legal citizens or citizens of high quality as soon as possible. ALL these may be considered as the big problem to be solved urgently.Although education and reform of Chinese prisons for criminals had experienced set of work system, education and reform for female prisoners, in particular education and reform, has been attached to education reform theory for male prisoners, sometimes not very thorough solution to the problems encountered in the practical work. Through the China Journal NET to retrieve full text articles for nearly 20 years, female prisoners ’ ideological education related articles and a few, most research on psychological health of female offenders. The author believes that broader ideological education includes not only to solve ideological problems of offenders education activities carried out by, also included criminals, criminal areas such as culture and education of psychological health education content. In view of this, this article is how in the practice of ideological education reform on the point of views on female prisoners.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part is an introduction, which includes the research problem ,significance of the paper, research status at home and abroad, writing ideas and structural arrangements, research methods and innovations .The second part is an overview of the ideological education of criminals. First, the concept of education shall have to say, then the concept of education and reform of offenders, explaining the emergence and development, and thus the real criminals and the core of education reform - an overview of the ideological education of criminals.The third part summarizes the ideological characteristics of female prisoners and several ideological problem-prone, these types of thinking, for example, summing up, finding breakthrough education, target education, correct their unhealthy psychology. Then the characteristic of female prisoners’ideological education and summarizes the content, noted for female prisoners ’ ideological education, Because women have the psychological and physiological characteristics of the education not be stereotyped, while male prisoners copy the content of education .The fourth part consists of the women prison in the province of ideological education working experience into two useful examples. First, talking to criminals individually education-education of offenders as a magic weapon, in practice, played a huge role in the whole process; two, female offenders act the important role of mental health education.The fifth part investigates the female prisoners in China from the ideological education of the problems, and make sound recommendations. By the author’s own point of view and colleagues established the women’s prison in the province nearly six years of working experience, it presented some of his views and practical advice.This article from female criminals, through author six years of working experience and the colleagues in province woman prison set up on current female criminals thought education status and the several points useful recommendations for inductive summary, expectations can theoretical circles provides a points prison first-line female specializes in working experience, perfect female criminals education reconstruction system, improve female personnel education reconstruction quality, to reduce crime rates in maximum and serve harmonious society, maintain the social stability.

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