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Study on flotation separation and the mechanism of scheelite and calcite, fluorite

Author: WuYanLing
Tutor: ZhouYuan
School: Jiangxi University of Technology
Course: Mineral Processing Engineering
Keywords: Scheelite Calcite Fluorite combination collector separation
CLC: TD923
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Scheelite often renders complex symbiotic relationship with the floating properties similar tocalcium gangue minerals such as Calcite and Fluorite,lead it’s difficult to separation,thereforethe effective separation between Scheelite and calcium gangue mineral is the key to Scheeliteflotation.In orde to slove this difficult problem,our study use four kinds of typical collectors tostudy the flotation behavior for Scheelite,Calcite and fluorite under the influence of pH adjustingand Water glass inhibitor.Though the zeta potential、the Angle measurement and infraredspectrum analysis method to analysis the flotation separation mechanism of Scheelite,Calcite andFluorite,and carried out the actual ore in laboratory.The single mineral flotation tests showed that when use the GYR,NaOL,salicylaldoximeand benzene armour hydroxyl oxime acid four kinds of single collectors flotated mineral,theeffect is not ideal.When we take four kinds of collector two combined,they can produce positivesynergies between agents,especially GYR and salicylaldoxime combined,the effect is best.Notonly Scheelite collecting ability has been improved but also showed good selectivity to Calciteand fluorite,three kinds of mineral showed certain flotation differences.Finally when takecollector and Water glass together,at pH9.5medium to mineral flotation,the diversity flotabilitycan increased in Scheelite,Calcite and Fluorite.Scheelite flotability more than Calcite andFluorite,three kinds of mineral can reached effective separation.Actual ore test showed that the actual ore come from a camel mountain metal tailings ofcopper zinc sulfide in luanchuan county in Henan province.The tailing of WO30.21%,thecontent of Calcite and Fluorite are higher,it is difficulte to choose the mineral.The tailing sulfurcontent is1.2%,so we can take"priority flotation sulphide ore-Scheelite rough flotation at roomtemperature-rough concentrate flotation at room temperature"of the test process.Through asmall closed circuit,we can gain a good result,with tungsten concentrates of WO362.34%andrecovery of WO373.78%,successfully realized the quadrate resource recyling.The zeta potential results showed that when use GYR and salicylaldoxime on the surface ofScheelite,Calcite and Fluorite,the negative potential on Scheelite is more than Calcite andFluorite,that’s to say combination collector adsorbed more on Scheelite’s surfacethe.When tookWater glass with combination collector together,the mineral surface potential negative degreewere decreased,but the negative shift on Scheelite surface is still more than Calcite and Fluorite,it’s to say the flotability of Scheelite is still better than Calcite and Fluorite.Infrared spectrumanalysis showed that the combination collector mainly in chemical adsorption on the surface ofScheelite,and adsorption is very strong,on the surface of Calcite and Fluorite adsorption isweaker.When jointed collector and Water glass toghter they can adsorption strongly on Scheelite surface,while Water glass adsorption is relatively weak.Combination Collector adsorbed on thesurface of Calcite and Fluorite is very weak,while Water glass occurred strong chemicaladsorption.Contact angle test showed that the scheelite,calcite and fluorite have certain naturalflotability,when using combination collectors to deal with three kinds of mineral,can enhancethier flotability,the flotability of Scheelite is better than Calcite and Fluorite,but the flotabilitydifference is small.When took Water glass and combination collector together,can obviouslyincrease their flotability differences,Scheelite surface hydrophilic and Calcite and Fluoritehydrophobic.

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