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The Suitability Research on Intake and Drainage System of Water-source Heat Pump Stystem

Author: HuangZuo
Tutor: DingYong
School: Chongqing University
Course: Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords: Surface water source heat pump system the suitability research on intake and drainage system the thermal pollution of drainage the effect analysis of intake and drainage system
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The economy and people’s living standard has been rapid development since theindustrial revolution. As the emergences of energy crisis and ecological crisis, savingenergy, improving energy efficiency, promoting the applications of renewable energy,Persisting in the course of sustainable development has become the consensus of the world.In recent years, China is always constantly increasing efforts to promote renewable energyapplication in buildings, Chongqing and WuXi, YunYang has approved to become"National Renewable demonstration city” and "National Renewable DemonstrationCounty", the technology application in buildings of the surface water source heat pump gotrapid development in Chongqing. At present,, not only a large number of large surfacewater source heat pump projects emerging in Chongqing city, but also counties arebeginning to try the water source heat pump technology application. Although the wholerun effect of the application is good, a variety of problems appeared constantly, one of themost obvious problems is thermal pollution of water.The research of this paper first embarks from the technology application conditions ofwater source heat pump in Chongqing. This paper analyzes the water quality, watertemperature, water flow of the typical water body from Yangtze River, Jialing River, smallflow streamlet and reservoir in Chongqing. We also analyzed the application characteristicsand the problems that should be paid attention when the water body of stream and reservoirthat has small heat capacity is used in the application of water source heat pumptechnology in the county.Secondly, as to the water supply and drainage system of the water source heat pumpsystem, this paper investigated the impact of supply and drainage water on the environmentand system. From the five aspects of water supply temperature, water supply amount,water supply quality, water supply method and the energy consumption of water supply,this paper described the effect of water supply system on the energy efficiency of watersource heat pump system. Among them, the shortage of water supply is the districtproblems universally existing in the application of water source heat pump system incounty, therefore this paper put forward the study of safety water supply. As to the drainagesystem, we discussed its double-effects on system efficiency and the water bodyenvironment. The effects of drainage on water body environment are mainly reflected onthe thermal pollution and the heat accumulation, on the basis of the actual measurement, the research of thermal pollution caused by drainage system is put forward in this paper.The effect of drainage on efficiency of the system is reflected in the water supplytemperature, it is also one problem universally existing in the water source heat pump inthe projects of the county, so the research on suitability of the water and drainage was putforward in this paper.Combined the methods of theory analysis and simulation, this paper studied the safetywithdrawals. From the theoretical analysis, this paper puts forward the influence factors ofsafety withdrawals and suitable scope. Then through the simulation method, this paperanalyzes the distribution of water body temperature field in summer and winter under20%water withdrawals, compared with the three conditions of10%,20%,30%withdrawals,analyzed the distribution of water body temperature field in summer, and found that there’slarger differences in water body temperature field under different water withdrawals, forthis, we put forward the range of safe water withdrawals of water source heat pump systemin summer.Finally, combined with the project tests, this paper studied the thermal pollutionphenomenon caused by drainage and suitability of the water supply. Test cases containsthree different types of water source heat pump projects, they are river, the stream andreservoir, respectively. It is found that for the flowing water, the influence of thermalpollution is small, especially reflected in the river and the projects with small supply water.In addition, this paper also analyzes the suitability of water supply and drainage, it is foundthat compared with the traditional way of drainage, the set of drainage set can effectivelyreduce the temperature of drainage, reduce the heat pollution. The reasonable selection andlayout of water source heat pump not only can reduce the investment of water supply anddrainage system, but also can improve the operation efficiency of the system. As a result,in the design for the water source heat pump system, the suitability of water supply anddrainage in the project should be fully analysis.

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