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Study on Maximum Wind Energy Utilization Control Strategy of Flywheel Random Disturbance Balance

Author: WangZuoYu
Tutor: ZhouFeng
School: Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course: Proceedings of the
Keywords: flywheel energy storage wind power maximum wind energyutilization power fluctuation stability control
CLC: TM614
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In renewable energy generation, wind power is undoubtedly the mosteffective way to solve the world’s energy crisis and environmental pollutionproblems, but also the most large-scale development conditions in the currentdistributed renewable energy generation. But with the enlargement of power gridscale, effects of random fluctuation of wind speed on power quality andreliability is more and more outstanding, and need to be resolved. This paperchoice of flywheel energy storage system as a buffer device of energy storage, inthe basis to ensure the wind maximum utilization, compensate the randomdisturbance of the wind power generation systems, in order to reduce the impactof wind power fluctuations on the power grid.Firstly, introduced the structure and working principle of direct-drivepermanent magnet wind turbine generator, established the wind speed modelbased on four basic wind speed superposition, wind turbine model, transmissionmodel and generator model, the simulation curve of the actual wind speed andthe operation characteristic curve under rated wind speed are obtained throughsimulation. From the perspective of improving the utilization of wind energy,combined with the operating characteristics and working mode of generators,climbing method is proposed to achieve the maximum wind energy trackingcontrol of wind power system.Then, according to the working principle and running characteristic offlywheel energy storage system, choose the permanent magnet brushless DCmotor as the flywheel motor, established the mathematical model of flywheelenergy storage system, and through the adoption of the speed and current doubleclosed-loop control the charge and discharge process of the flywheel energystorage system simulation, its good dynamic characteristics are verified by the simulation results.Secondly, added the flywheel energy storage system at the DC side of theindependent operation of off-grid wind power system, through the analysis on thestructure and working principle of the entire system, the DC link voltage controland unit power factor control of wind power are used in the each part of thesystem, established a simulation model based on above two control strategies, thesimulation results show that in the external wind speed disturbances, flywheelenergy storage system is able to compensate for wind power disorderlyfluctuations, effectively improve the quality of the output power.Finally, established the grid-connected direct-drive permanent magnet windpower system model by dual PWM control strategy, and the flywheel energystorage system is configured in the DC side of dual PWM. In the basis to ensuremaximum wind utilization, control of motor side converter, grid-side converterand flywheel energy storage, while maintaining the stability of DC bus voltage,to achieve a decoupling control of active and reactive power at the same time.Though the simulation of changes in wind speed conditions, the flywheel energystorage can effectively balance the wind power output fluctuation, and improvethe power quality of grid-connected wind power.

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