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Study on Soil Fertility Characteristics and Spatial Variabilities of the Tobacco Soil in MiYi

Author: JiangChangChun
Tutor: WangChangQuan
School: Sichuan Agricultural University
Course: Utilization of Agricultural Resources
Keywords: MiYi Soil fertility of tobacco planting areas spatial variability
CLC: S158
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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There are few researches into soil fertility characteristics and regional distribution, which aimed at the characteristics of flue-cured tobacco fertilizer requirement in MiYi tobacco-growing areas.In this article,468samples of tilth soil in the MiYi tobacco fields have been collected according to the five-point method, the main physical and chemical properties have been analyzed, Geostatistics and ArcGIS were used to the study of the fertility status,spatial variation characteristics and distribution situation of tobacco planting soil, finally, a comprehensive evaluation of the fertility status comes out. The main research results were as follows:(1)62.61%of the tobacco planting soil in MiYi is in the most suitable ranging from5.5-6.5, the pH appears basically suitable for the growth of flue-cured tobacco in general. The most suitable town is XinShan. the percentage of the suitable tobacco planting soil is higher, up to87.5%. The pH value in CaoChang and MaLong should be adjusted because there are more samples that lower than5.5.(2)60.69%of the tobacco planting soil in MiYi contains little organic matter that is less than25g/kg. More attention should be paid to the supply and adjust of the organic matter. Among all the average value, PuWei is the highest one that is29.98g/kg.70%of the soil in ShaLian and BingGu contains littleorganic matter that is less than25g/kg, and in these areas should pay attention to the reasonable rotation, organic fertilizer.(3)From the soil available nutrient perspective, alkali-hydro nitrogen average content is122mg/kg, generally on above middling level, the alkali-hydro nitrogen in PanLian andPuWei tobacco planting soil is more than150mg/kg, above40%, these areas should control the application of nitrogen fertilizer. Effective phosphorus content is not high. The percentage of the areas where average content of effective phosphorus is more than20mg/kg is37.81%, and where average content is less than10mg/kg is33.97%. Among the towns, the percentage of the content of effective phosphorus of XinShan that is less than10mg/kg is highest, more phosphoru fertilization should be added. The percentage of the areas where the available potassium is less than150mg/kg is70.51%, it shows that the soil in the whole town is lack of available potassium. The percentage of BingGu, YaKou, PanLian and QiuWan where the available potassium of the soil are high, above50%, more potassium fertilization should be added. (4)From the trace element content of the soil,47.80%of the tobacco planting areas in the town is lack of the exchangeable calcium; The content of exchangeable magnesium is suitable; There are98.86%of the soil water soluble chloride content less than30mg/kg, years of planting tobacco made part of soil water soluble chloride is relatively lack, it will be ease after reasonable supply of chlorine, but flue-cured tobacco is so sensitive with chlorine, so, chloride fertilization should be applied carefully. Effective iron, manganese, cooperare relatively rich;31.87%of the soil effective zinc content is low; Effective boron content basically are in less than0.2mg/kg within the scope of the lack of.(5)Alkali-hydro nitrogen and effective phosphorus has strong spatial correlation in the element of the tobacco planting soil in MiYi. The value of C0/(C0+C) varies between15.6%-23.4%, the main factor of the spatial variation is the structural factor; There is Medium space variability in pH value, organic matter, available potassium and commutativity calcium, water-soluble chloride, effective iron, effective manganese, effective zinc, effective copper and effective boron, the value of C0/(C0+C) varies between29.6%-62.4%, the spatial variation is influenced by structural factors and random factors; The spatial correlation of exchangeable magnesium is weak, and the value of C0/(C0+C) is84.6%, it shows that random factor is the main factor of spatial variation.(6)The soil fertility of the tobacco planting areas is above the average. The average IFI value is0.593.The percentage of IFI values that distribute from0.4-0.6in the medium fertility level is40.81%,The percentage of IFI values that distribute from0.6-0.8in the high fertility level is36.55%, high fertility level which means IFI value higher than0.8, is12.39%. The IFI of MaLong and BaiPo arc high, above0.640, but the integrated fertility level of aKou, XinShan and PanLian are lower, fertilization should be applied for these low IFI areas.(7)From the result of the soil fertility conditions comprehensive evaluation in the tobacco planting areas of MiYi, more attention should be paid in fertilizer about "the combination of organic and inorganic,control nitrogen, increase phosphorus and potassium". A few areas added Ca, Zn, most areas need to supplement B fertilizer. At the same time, suitably adjust the pH value of the soil, and meet the nutrients needs of tobacco growth, by improving the utilization rate of fertilizer on coupling, providing a much better teclmics of environment for high quality tobacco growth.

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