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Research on Biomechanical Properties of Potato and Drag Reduction Mechanism of Mining Shovel

Author: ShiLinZuo
Tutor: WuJianMin
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Potato harvester Mechanical damage Biomimetic Drag-reducing Vibration drag reduction LS-DYNA
CLC: S532
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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At present, the potato is a high-yield, high economic efficiency, nutrition iscomprehensive, adaptable, can be processed variety, widely used, also the four majorfood crops alternate crops, potato is known as the most promising new century, thedevelopment of agricultural crops. Backward situation with the growth in demandfor potato production operations, however, has restricted the healthy and stabledevelopment of the potato industry, constraints need to be resolved first is thedevelopment and promotion of the potato harvest mechanization equipment. In viewof this, accelerate the development of modern potato harvesting machinery isimminent. Potato harvesting machinery, driven by rapid scientific and technologicaldevelopment in the21st century wave of design is now moving in the direction ofpower consumption, low probability of damage, into the number of times thedirection of joint operations. However, the current study conditions, to fully solvethe contradiction between the high efficiency of potato harvesting machinery fullseparation of operations and potato tubers and soil, and the potato harvestmechanical damage, and tubers, stones, clods and soil separation, the contradictionbetween the classification wrapped around the stem, not kill seedling potato harvestcontradiction is still a long way to go. Based on this, we study two emphases, inorder to reduce the chance of potato harvesting machinery potato injury,biomechanical properties of potato research; two less in order to reduce the problemof excessive power consumption of existing potato harvesting machinery, design andresearch resistance digging shovel.Specific studies are as follows(1) electronic universal testing machine the whole stems potato two varieties ofGansu under different loading rates of5compression tests, the by compression testcharacteristic curve of the regression analysis, material rupture force, thecompressive mechanical deformation indicators, loading rate, potato varieties andother factors on the compressive mechanical indicators, and potato compressed Mechanical Indexes were analyzed. Potato compression mechanical properties ofdamage to reduce the mechanical harvesting of potato harvesting machinerydeveloped to provide a reference.(2) In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars finite element method forstatic load, vibration and impact of various crops, harvesting, transportation, storageand processing of corn, wheat, apricot and other mechanical properties of a largenumber of research. But these documents in the finite element model are idealizedsphere or ellipsoid. Idealized model to study these agricultural materials in theprocess of harvesting, storage, transport damage has some theoretical significance,but there are still a certain gap from the real model. The application slice imageprocessing technology for agricultural goods multilayer outline, three-dimensionalmodeling software loft shape of the solid model of agricultural materials, its finiteelement stress analysis. For agricultural materials in its force size and force parts ofthe study to provide a more realistic basis for the harvest, storage, transport process,and provide a theoretical reference for the design of agricultural materials harvestedparts.(3) In this paper, potato stress relaxation based on the compression on the basisof the pilot study of the mechanical properties of compression mechanical propertiesof the acquired first compressive force-deformation curve regression curve fitting,to get potato elastic modulus, viscosity etc. potato rheological model key parameters,the ADAMS virtual prototyping software combines the rheology theory potatocompression and stress relaxation simulation model. Simulation model, compared tothe compression force-deformation curve simulation data and test data, and the useof ADAMS/Post Processor module comparative analysis of the degree ofcoincidence of the simulation curve with the experimental curve, verification basedon ADAMS potato compressive mechanical stress relaxation characteristics ofvirtual The prototype study the feasibility of and guidance.(4) According to the mole crickets forefoot the stereomicroscope Photos tibiaclaw toe toe design Potato diggers digging shovel shovel slice Potato diggers provide a drag reduction efficiency higher digging shovel. Application of AutoCAD softwareto obtain claw toe the outside curve and the inside curve of the contour points, andpoint coordinate value data use the LIST command to export, and polynomial fittingmethod claw toe side contour fitting with Excel software, using the quasi theaggregate equation SolidWorks software digging shovel bionic chip, the lastapplication of the LS-DYNA software simulation ordinary the digging shovel tabletsand bionic mining shovel piece dug soil cut and two shovel a piece of soil resistancewas measured. Simulation results show that the bionic shovel piece than a piece ofordinary shovel soil resistance is reduced by nearly61%. This article is designed thebionic mining shovel film the potato excavator mining shovel requirements of dragreduction technology provides a solution and novel structure.(5), potato harvesting equipment they use a fixed digging shovel, tractionresistance and traction power consumption is too large, small and medium-sizedharvester operations typically exhibit the problem of insufficient traction and tractionpower. In order to carry out an in-depth study of the vibration drag reductionmechanism, the application of a combination of Adams and LS-DYNA vibrationdeveloped by the Gansu Agricultural University of small vibrating sieve potatoexcavator digging shovel cut the soil processes three-dimensional numericalsimulation, analysis different traction rate, mode, amplitude, frequency, and factorssuch as the impact on the excavators efficiency and traction resistance, according tothe principle of the Box-Behnken experimental design, mining shovel traction rate,mode, frequency and amplitude as the independent variable traction resistanceresponse value, using four factors and three level response surface analysis method,and using Design-Expert software to establish a mathematical model to analyze thevarious factors and their interactions. Between the various factors and tractionresistance mathematical model of the four factors were optimized.To carry out the drag reduction of potato harvesting machinery saving researchhas important practical significance to improve the overall performance of the Potatodiggers and potato excavator technology development, reduce operating costs, reduce labor intensity of farmers and increase their income.

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