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The Development of Slow-release Magnetized Compound Fertilizer and Fertilizer Efficiency Studies

Author: LiDing
Tutor: MaYouHua
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Soil
Keywords: slow-release magnetized compound fertilizer fertilizer processin fertilizer performance soil nutrients affecting
CLC: S145.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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China’s total population of the highest in the world, agriculture fertilizer production and application rate is the highest in the world, the problems exposed in the process of chemical fertilizer has drawn increasing attention to excessive fertilizer into farmland, resulting in fertilizer use efficiency is generally low and farmland soil compaction, low quality of crops, fertilizer nutrient loss also caused the destruction and pollution of the environment. The mining industry has developed rapidly, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of mining solid wastes and hoards not only takes up land space, but also cause serious environmental pollution, affecting the health of people. In order to make full use of mining waste resources and further study of the sustained-release magnetic fertilizer manufacturing and feasibility of control fertilizer nutrient runoff and to improve farmland soil compaction, improve crop quality production and efficiency, to carry out a sustained-release magnetization compound fertilizer developed and fertilizer research and application.The study is divided into three stages, namely:1, Slow-release magnetized compound fertilizer laboratory processing and manufacturing;2, Slow-release magnetized compound fertilizer performance testing;3, Slow-release magnetized compound fertilizer application and fertilizer efficiency studies.The first phase of this study screening of fertilizer raw materials, including slow release materials, magnetic materials and inorganic fertilizer raw materials, including raw materials of inorganic fertilizer urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride and other common materials, slow release agent endoplasmic reticulum of fertilizer nutrients control loss agent, magnetized material, select iron Tailings, scrap steel slag, fly ash and other experimental screening. Fertilizer production process of the other test parameters including a small granulation machine speed, moisture content, additives content, thermal drying temperature and time.Detection fertilizer performance in the second phase of this study, including the detection of the magnetic effect and nutrient loss control rate detection. Detection of the magnetic effect of fertilizer is divided into the magnetization order magnetization time, the magnetization and the external magnetic field and placed fertilizer magnetized magnetic induction; fertilizer nutrients control wastage rate of leaching test for detection of finished fertilizer nutrient loss in the sand column leaching test control rate in the soil nutrient loss control rate.The third stage, mainly through the pot experiment with cell Experimental study of sustained-release compound fertilizer magnetization in improving the utilization of fertilizer nutrients, improve soil physical and chemical conditions, and the impact on crop yields.Release magnetization compound fertilizer developed and fertilizer research, draw the following conclusions:1, fertilizer processing and manufacturing parameters:sustained release magnetization of fertilizer processing the initial moisture content of5%-8%, the small fertilizer granulation machine speed35-40rpm/min granulated best results. Election of iron ore tailings, slag, fly ash three magnetized material processing into finished fertilizer containing tailings and slag magnetic effect is better than fly ash, fertilizers containing tailings and fly ash heavy metal content is lower than the containing slag fertilizers the three fertilizer content of heavy metals do not exceed the corresponding national standards. The first of fertilizer granulation success after magnetization better in the first magnetization granulation; can achieve the best state of the magnetization the magnetization time in about5seconds; higher the intensity of magnetization of the magnetic field, the better fertilizer magnetization.2,Fertilizer performance and stability:the direction of the external magnetic field is not the same fertilizer magnetic induction almost no effect, does not produce significant degaussing placed fertilizer magnetic induction. Be co-located with the non-magnetized iron-containing fertilizer will produce phenomenon of magnetic weakened. Fertilizer leaching experiment, pure quartz sand column in the loss of fertilizer nutrients control rate of up to65%, the loss of nutrients in the soil sand column control rate was54%.3,Potted efficiency test, the sustained-release magnetic fertilizer NPK crops have a prominent role in the improvement of absorption and accumulation, plays a significant role in the sustained release of the fertilizer NPK nutrient loss control soil, effectively improve fertilizer nutrient utilization. Has a positive effect the magnetization to improve soil organic matter content and cation exchange capacity.4,cell efficiency test, release magnetization compound fertilizer effective ear of wheat, grain structure, the output and the input-output ratio were higher than the same nutrients used to fertilize; rape yield, grain weight, input-output ratio is also higher than the same nutrients habits fertilization. Fertilizer nutrient use efficiency has improved significantly. Obvious economic benefits wheat income per acre (and only consider the inputs of fertilizers and fertilizer and employment, without regard to other inputs, the same below),799.2Yuan, than conventional fertilization income (net of labor costs of fertilizer and fertilizer, the same below)156.2Yuan/acre, compared with the blank control income of230.4Yuan/Acre. The rape income per acre724.10Yuan, compared with the conventional fertilization income of341.75Yuan/acre, an increase of598.39Yuan/acre than the blank control.

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