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Study on the Resistance Monitoring Method for Insecticide Bait and the Choice of Behavior in Blattella Germanica

Author: LuHuiMing
Tutor: GaoCongFen;MengFengXia
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Pesticides
Keywords: B. germanica insecticide bait insecticide resistance behavior fipronil acephate
CLC: S482.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The Blattella germanica is an important health pest in our daily life and the dominant population across China. Currently, bait control is the main measure to control B. Germanica. With the use of new poison baits and development of resistance, it is necessary to study the two components of bait:pesticides and based bait. So we can understand besides the selection pressure of pesticides in itself, whether resistance produced is related to perception of pesticides and escape behavior due to its keen sense of smell, touch and other receptors found out the influence of some components of B. germanica bait to feeding behavior and monitor resistance and behavior choice of different geographic B.germanica populations to commonly used insecticides baits. Research results can preliminary explain the role of behavior in the resistance to pesticides of B.germanica, it not only can guide the scientific rational use of poison bait, but also can expand B. germanica resistance mechanism research ideas for the prevention and treatment of B. germanica governance policy.1. Research on the characteristics of different instars nymph of B. germanicaAfter collecting the female adults with capsule and rearing in container in single, we observed and recorded the developing situation of the nymph daily, using the data of head width, body length and weight of each instar nymph to analysis the relationship between instar and these body charcateristics. The results showed that the body characteristics of B. germanica nymph are related to instars. Under the relatively stable conditions, the weight of nymph has the most significant change, body length followed. In laboratory, the nymph of B. germanica experienced a total of six instars. There was a significant positive correlation between head width, body length and weight with B. germanica instars, the correlation coefficient (R2) were0.9102,0.9719and0.9763, respectively.2. The measurement conditions and based bait of B. germanica to stomach poison resistanceSelecting male adult B. germanica, measuring the effect of light, geometrical position of food and hunger level on food choices; Using different developmental stages and gender B. germanica,(with the feeding frequency and duration of stay as indexes,the favorite food-based bait were selected from9kinds of food respectively). The results showed that under the condition of weak light and hungry for two days, B. germanica’s choice of food is relatively significant. Different development stages and the gender of the B. germanica had different choice of food activity, also.The order of selectivity of9kinds of food is bread, pork loose> milk> mouse material, biscuits> maltose> soybean meal> tomato paste, wheat flour.3. Research of resistance of different geographic B. germanica populations to fluorinated acrylic and acephateThe population in Jiangsu province under the condition of no hunger for1%acephate dried pork floss showed obvious tendency to poison bait, Jinan population under the condition of the hunger for bread showed obvious tendency. Jiangsu and Jinan population under the condition of no hungry for0.05%fluorine dried pork floss showed obvious tendency to poison bait, but under the condition of hunger, laboratory populations preferred to dried pork floss poison bait. Laboratory population, Jinan and Jiangsu populations of the B. germanica under the condition of hunger and no hunger for bread and dried pork floss as the base of1%acephate bait showed obvious sensitivity differences, and under the condition of no hungry showed strong tolerance. There were no sensitivity differences between hungry and no hungry Jinan population for0.05%fluorine bread poison bait only; Resistance to fluorine nitrile insect poison bait research showed that:for dried pork floss-based poison bait, the LC50and LC95had no significant difference between laboratory, Jinan and Jiangsu populations; Resistance of acephate poison bait research showed that: The virulence of Jinan and Jiangsu populations had no significant difference. And for dried pork floss-based bait, the virulence is higher.4. Behavior choice of commonly used pesticides in different B. germanica populationUsing basic natural selection method to observe and record behavior tendency of Jinan and Jiangsu populations to commonly used insecticides, the results showed that B. germanica population in Jiangsu and Jinan, either bread or pork for bait, tend to contain acephate on behavior choice of poison bait, and no poison bait of deltamethrin, significant differently.5. The resistance monitoring method for insecticide bait in B. germanicaThe resistance monitoring method for insecticide bait in B. germanica was introduced:insects:physically complete, healthy and lively male adult; starvation treatment: two days; experimental conditions:temperature (26±1)℃, relative humidity (60±5)%; lighting:low light(light intensity consistent); based bait:pork floss and bread. Methods: stomach poison (to prepare a0.05%fipronil bread bait for example):bread was weighed5g, and then crushed in a mortar, grind evenly with parchment paper, dropping0.5mL,5mg/mL (0.5%) of fipronil on bread, note dropping and stir evenly,.

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