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Effects of Differenct Zinc Fertilizers on Potato Yield Formation and Zinc Uptake and Accumulation under Rainfed Farming Conditions

Author: HouShuYin
Tutor: QiuHuiZhen
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: zinc fertilizer potato dry matter yield zinc uptake and accumulation
CLC: S532
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Zinc (Zn) is not only necessary for the growth and development of crops, but alsoclosely related to health of human and animals by the food chain. The crop yield andquality is significantly affected by the soil Zn deficiency in Northen China, which inturn will affect human health. Potato production in Gansu Province is put more focuson application of macro-nutrient fertilizers,such as nitrogen, phosphorus andpotassium fertilization,and the micro-elements fertilization is often ignored, as a result,the soils are deficient in micro elements and the potato is malnourished which extertssignificant effects on the yield and quality of potato tubers and severely limits thegrowth and development of potato plants. The field experiment was conducted indry-farming areas in Dingxi city of Gansu Province. The aim of this study was tochoose the best zinc fertilizer which can improve the yield and zinc content of potatotuber by studying the effects of different zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate, Manni-PlexZinc) on the uptake and accumulation dynamic of zinc and the yield formation ofpotato. The results are as follows:1. The application of both zinc sulfate and the Manni-Plex Zinc significantlyimproved the yield and commodity rate of potato tubers. Compared with the control,tuber yield of potato with zinc sulfate and Manni-Plex Zinc was improved by12.7%and24.9%respectively. Small molecular organic Manni-Plex Zinc had moresignificant effects on the potato yield than inorganic zinc sulfate did. The commodityrate of potato with zinc sulfate and Manni-Plex Zinc was increased by4%and7%bycomparing with the control, respectively. The results showed that application of zincsulfate and the Manni-Plex Zinc significantly increased the marketable tuber.2. The application of zinc sulfate and the Manni-Plex Zinc increased the drymatter accumulation of all the organs of potato significantly.. Dry matteraccumulation in leaves under the application of zinc sulfate and the Manni-Plex Zincwas46.0%and79.3%higher than the control, in stem the dry matter accumulationwas20.0%and40.3%higher than the control, and in tuber was25.8%and32.5%higher respectively. The effect of Manni-Plex Zinc was obvious than that of zinc sulfate. The improvement of tuber yield mainly owed to the dry matter accumulationof different organs of potato.Application of zinc fertilizer did not exert obvious effect on the dry matteraccumulation in potato organs during growth period. In this period, the trend of drymatter accumulation in potato organs showed in this way: the dry matter accumulationin root, stem and leaves showed the mono-peak curve and in root and stem reachedthe maximum at tuber bulking stage, while in leaves the accumulation reached themaximum at tuber formation stage. During the whole growth period, the dry matteraccumulation was mainly at the tuber bulking stage.3. The distribution laws of drymatter of potato are varies in different zinc treatment; compared with the control, zincfertilization treatments increased the percentage of the dry matter in the roots andleaves at the maturity stage. For the two zinc treatment,the Manni-Plex Zinctreatment can increase the dry matter accumulation of stem. On the contrary, the zincsulfate treatment can decrease the dry matter accumulation of stem. And it has nosignificant effect between zinc fertilizer and the dry matter distribution in tuber.4. Compared with the control, the potato with zinc application has the higher zincconcentration in the whole growth period. Compared with the control, the zincconcentration of leaf with zinc application would have a large variable ranges in thewhole growth period. The zinc concentration of leaf with zinc sulfate and sugaralcohols zinc ranged from21.58-72.49mg/kg and21.87-96.85mg/kg respectively,which is three and five times as large than the control. Compared with the controlgroup, zinc concentration was increased by1.24mg/kg and1.63mg/kg respectivelyin potato tuber in maturity period after treated with zinc sulfate and Manni-Plex Zinc.5. Zinc fertilization could increase the accumulation of zinc in potato organs, and zincaccumulation in root, stem, leaves and tuber under zinc treatment was higher than thatwas not treated with zinc during maturity period. Compared with the control, in thematurity period zinc accumulation with the treatment of zinc sulfate and Manni-PlexZinc was increased by37.5%and49.4%. Manni-Plex Zinc treatment had better effectthan zinc sulfate.6.Zinc fertilization could increase the distribution rate of zinc in roots, stems and leaves, while decreased the distribution rate of zinc in tuber of potato.

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