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Comprehensive Evaluation of Climate, Soil Factors and Flue-cured Tobacco Quality in Zhanyi Tobacco-growing Areas of Qujing City

Author: LiuPeng
Tutor: XuZiCheng
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Tobacco science
Keywords: Zhan Yi Qu Jing Tobacco Area Climatic factors Soil factors internal qualityof flue-cured tobacco Comprehensive evaluation
CLC: S572
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The article is on the basis of Zhan Yi, Qu Jing, Yunnan Tobacco Area, using the method ofmathematical model of subordinate function and index, the dimension reduction analysis of theprincipal component analysis (PCA) on the climate characteristics, soil nutrition and flue-curedtobacco chemical composition, the condition of aroma components, the fuzzy membershipfunction model of the soil nutrient condition and flue-cured tobacco chemical composition andaroma substances were analyzed, and studied the level of similarity of tobacco area climateconditions of abroad, analyzed the restrictive factors, climate suitability conditions; The soilnutrient abundant deficiency condition in tobacco area is studied, and the optimum soil organiccondition, etc.; similarity and differential analysis of tobacco aroma substances was made betweenthe domestic and the abroad. Main research conclusion is as follows:1Take climate factors of Zhan Yi, Qu Jing Tobacco Area such as temperature, sunshinehours and rainfall data (1978~2006) as the foundation, including the greater influence on thegrowth and quality of tobacco leaf of each growth period, the temperature, rainfall and fieldsunshine time and totally12climate factors, Zhan Yi Tobacco Area climate feature for the systemanalysis: Zhan Yi Tobacco Area field growth period from1978to2006sunshine hours for551.34h, annual average sunshine hours a slight downward trend; Field growth period of the averagetemperature of19.16℃, the temperature was a slight downward trend, from1978to2006, thecounty average temperatures dropped by about0.53mm, the difference between the interannualfluctuations was bigger; The average rainfall of field growth period was641.13mm, theprecipitation overall downward trend year by year. From1978to2006, the city’s average rainfallfell by about97.60mm, the difference between the interannual fluctuations is bigger;2Using the similarity analysis of overseas high-quality tobacco area and Zhan Yi regionalclimatic conditions, made the conclusion that they have high similarity. Also analyzed climate limiting factors of Zhan Yi Tobacco Area that Zhan Yi field growing season, sunshine time belongto medium level, which can satisfy the need of normal growth and development of flue-curedtobacco. But the good light conditions of field in early growth period, later period sunshine, solarradiation intensity was weaker and less mature light conditions is poorer. The time of opticalenergy distribution was unlike to most of the high quality tobacco area at home or abroad, that isone of the important reasons that flue-cured tobacco leaves with quality unique in style Zhan YiTobacco Area even Yunnan Tobacco Area. By the method of membership function of themathematical model and the index to analyze climate optimum naturally Zhan Yi flue-curedtobacco, the results show that the average of CFI in Zhan Yi Tobacco Area is0.81, amplitude of0.62~0.98, the variation coefficient is larger, reached11.46, natural disposition is higher. Theaverage temperature in Zhan Yi Tobacco Area in tobacco field growth period is above19℃,sunshine time in more than500h, rainfall is abundant, is conducive to the growth anddevelopment of flue-cured tobacco, accumulation of dry matter and blade mature, heat conditioncan fully meet the needs of high quality tobacco production.3Collected representative of320soil samples in Zhan Yi, Qu Jing, Yunnan Tobacco Areaand18soil nutrient index data as the foundation, system analyzed the soil nutrient status of ZhanYi Tobacco Area. Results show that the Zhan Yi soil PH value, average performance is6.060.79mm, the optimal growth of flue-cured tobacco in soil PH range (5.5~7.0); Average performancefor soil organic matter content (3.61+1.00)%, the variation coefficient was27.75%, which showsthat differences in organic matter content of the sample are larger; NPK and trace element contentwas more moderate, and variation range was large;4Analysis of similarity of the soil between different villages and towns in Zhan Yi TobaccoArea shows that Bole Tobacco Area and Pan Jiang Tobacco Area have the minimum similaritydistance of is0.15. So they are most similar soil conditions, in addition, similar distance is smallerof Bole Tobacco Area and Yan Fang Tobacco Area which were highly similar. The similardistance of De he Tobacco Area and Xi ping Tobacco Area was the biggest of0.94, the lowestsimilarity degree;5Analyzed the internal quality of flue-cured tobacco in Qu Jing Tobacco Area, which showsthat the total sugar and reducing sugar content is higher, respectively was33.47%,25.68%; Totalnitrogen and nicotine content was relatively appropriate, which1.87%,2.08%. Chlorine content was0.26%on average, less than high quality flue-cured tobacco demand for chlorine content (1%),but the coefficient of variation is larger, at103.97%, shows that its is not stable, large differencebetween the samples. Potassium chloride than the coefficient of variation is bigger also, up to75.76%;6Neutral aroma components content in tobacco at home and abroad for difference analysis:in general, Qu Jing tobacco volatile acid and volatile alkali content, total polyphenol, total organicacid, total acid aroma components were higher than other area flue-cured tobacco at home andabroad, obvious neutral aroma components of flue-cured tobacco were inferior to Brazil, butbetween Zimbabwe and other areas in Yunnan flue-cured tobacco and the difference was notsignificant, therefore as far as possible the combination of local ecological conditions, simulationof overseas high-quality flue-cured tobacco production areas, cultivation conditions of Qu Jingtobacco aroma components.

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